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Here’s when Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak unlocks in your timezone on PC

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Looking for the Sunbreak release time for your region? The latest instalment in Monster Hunter Rise takes us to a whole new area, filled with dangerous creatures to battle and turn into fancy weapons and armor. It’s a great ol’ time; take a look at our Sunbreak review if you don’t believe me. And with the expansion releasing soon, it’s not long until you’ll get to head to Elgado yourself.

But what time exactly does Sunbreak release? Here I’ll run through the expansion’s release time for each region, so you can sharpen your weapons and get ready for the hunt. If you’re planning to play right away, you might want to know how to start Sunbreak as well.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release time 

The Sunbreak release date is June 30 for some regions, but for other time zones such as the west coast of the US, it’ll actually unlock on the evening of June 29. Here’s when you can expect to play on Steam:

  • UK: 5 am BST
  • Europe: 6 am CEST
  • US East Coast: 12:00 am EDT
  • US West Coast: 9:00 pm PDT (June 29)

The Sunbreak download size is also 22GB according to the patch notes, so hopefully it won’t take too long to download and get hunting.

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