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Update: Here is Google’s newest ‘Switch to Android’ app for iPhones

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Google is in the process of launching the first of its methods to switch from Apple’s iPhones to one Android device. This is the first glimpse of the “Switch to Android” app that runs using an iPhone.

Update: Google’s Switch to Android app now works with the entire range of Android 12 devices, not only Pixels.

Suppose you’re moving from an Android device to a different one. In that case, you can connect your two phones using either wirelessly or with the help of a USB cable – and seamlessly transfer all of your contacts, apps, messages, photographs, and other data. In contrast, copying information between your iPhone to Android isn’t as straightforward. That involves backing your data onto Google Drive and restoring it manually. Android 12.0 has made things more precise, allowing users to transfer applications, contacts, and media only through a Lightning cable.

On the other hand, for more than five years, Apple has provided a specific “Move to iOS” app for Android, which attempts to help make it straightforward as it is to be a part of Apple’s network. In July 2021, we wrote that Google was developing its app to assist customers new to the market to create their phones. Android.

Switching to Android is now soft-launched to the App Store as an unlisted application. This is a feature that Apple has only recently introduced – and only accessible through a direct hyperlink that the APK Insight team was able to discover.

Thanks to this link, we could easily install Switch on Android using an iPhone and then use it. Although everything appears to be in place on the iOS aspect, Android’s setup and restore procedure isn’t yet fully prepared in anticipation of Switch to Android. Switch to the Android app’s launch.

On the first page, it will show a screen where the app will explain what it can transfer on the memory of your iPhone on your newly purchased Android phone, which includes “photos, videos, contacts, and more.”

Image Credits: Google
Image Credits: Google
Image Credits: Google

The next step requires users to enter a code, which must be displayed on their Android phone during the setup and restore procedure. Unfortunately, we could not connect to this setup process; however, the basic idea is that your brand new Android phone will create an Internet hotspot to which your iPhone will connect. Once connected, the vast majority of your data will be wirelessly transferred.

There is a glimpse of how this process can be executed thanks to the images included in the App Store’s listing. The toggles are toggling that are for “Contacts,” “Calendar events,” “Photos,” and “Videos.” Below these toggles is an explanation stating that only the images and videos you save locally in the iPhone will be transferred into your current Android, and the media stored in your iCloud will be managed later.

After the copying process is completed, you’re prompted to turn off iMessage to ensure that any messages sent by your contacts who have iPhones will be delivered via SMS rather than disappearing in the iMessage space.

 The last step in your Switch to Android procedure is to request the transfer of your iCloud data to Google Drive / Google Photos. When you click the “Start request” button opens Safari and takes you to the iCloud support page from where it is possible to “Request to transfer a copy of your data.”

Image Credits: Google
Image Credits: Google

The latest update is on 4/19: In a statement by TechCrunch, Google said they are to make Switch to Android accessible to iPhone owners. They are gradually making the app openly available through the App Store. The app is accessible to everyone interested via a direct link.

On Monday evening, around 6 PM PT, the Switch to Android app began to roll out to the public, Google tells us. The company expects this process to reach 10% of users by the end of the day on Tuesday, April 19, and 100% over the next couple of weeks.

However, Switch to Android doesn’t operate by itself and requires specific changes to the Android setup process, which will likely be implemented.

Update on 4/28: Beginning with an update to a tweet, and Google will be actively advertising their Switch in the Android app to potential Pixel customers, in addition to an updated landing page on the Android website. According to all signs, it is now entirely possible to transfer the vast amount of data on an old iPhone to an Android phone via wireless or cables.

 In particular, you can copy the following data:

  • Contacts
  • Locally stored photographs
  • The history of SMS/MMS/iMessage and media
  • History of Whatsapp messages and the history of media
  • Apps for free are available on the Play Store
  • Custom-designed wallpaper
  • DRM-free music
  • Call logs
  • Alarms
  • Some device settings

Update 6/29: Initially just promoting Switch on Android to potential Pixel purchasers, Google is now allowing the app to transfer information from iPhone onto any other device running Android 12.2 or higher. This includes even devices at the lower end of the spectrum equipped with the Android 12 Go edition.

Overall, Switch to Android is an enjoyable and straightforward experience, making it possible to eliminate the fenced-in garden that iPhone users use. iPhone ecosystem. It’s unclear at this time what date Google plans to allow Switch to Android to be released widely and widely, but when you consider the length of time Apple has been running its version of the “Move to iOS” app is available in the Play Store and Google’s alternative has already arrived years behind than it should.


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