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Apple Watch deals include Apple Watch Series 7 ,Apple Watch Series 8 and more

Apple Watch deals can save you hundreds on a new smartwatch

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Thinking about picking up a new Apple Watch? The timing is always right to find at least one model selling at a deep discount. Apple recently launched its latest batch of smartwatches for 2022, including the $399 Series 8, the new $249 SE, and the first-ever $799 Ultra, which is aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and swimmers. There are now more Apple Watch models on the market than ever before, so you have plenty to choose from.

But with all of those options, which one should you pick? If you can decide based on specs, here’s a handy breakdown to make it easy to see what one model offers over another. But generally speaking, try to buy the newest watch you can afford so that it continues to receive software updates from Apple. The latest update, watchOS 9, recently launched on the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models, though no one can say with certainty whether the Series 4 will get the next big software update. And keep in mind that, unlike some Apple products, the steepest Apple Watch discounts are often happening on the newest models, not the last-gen ones.

Picking up a watch from the latest (or a recent) generation ensures that you get an Apple Watch with an updated design, a robust amount of features, and plenty of sensors. And thankfully, now that the Apple Watch Series 3 is out of commission (it was long overdue; its update process was insufferable), it’s harder to end up with a watch that will quickly feel outdated.

The best Apple Watch Series 7 

 Apple Watch Series 7 
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In 2021, the Series 7 introduced a slightly altered design and a larger display than previous models. While it’s no longer the latest model in the lineup, you can still find it available at some stores — sometimes, for a discounted price. Right now, deals aren’t nearly as good for Series 7 as they were before Series 8 launched. What’s more, the stock of the Series 7 is dwindling.


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