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Have You Recieve The Latest WhatsApp Beta For Tablets?

Be aware that some beta testers can link their WhatsApp account on a tablet, but to do so you need to download WhatsApp beta from the Play Store using a tablet to find out if this is possible.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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As it is expected that in few days or months you will receive a banner which will ask you to test the new version of WhatsApp for tablets

The tablet market is growing day by day and we know that there have a larger screen and the official WhatsApp isn’t available for tablet version which is heart breaking for many tablet users.
There maybe a third party apps but it cant be trusted as many apps like that can easily steal your personal data.

WhatsApp is working day and night for its users to deliver the best user experience as in previous days they have introduce a stable version for android, including this they haven’t work for tablets users many popular application in the market haven’t any official version for WhatsApp, especially for the tablet version, and WhatsApp now wants to surprise us with a supposed new version.

As reported from wabetainfo, the latest version for Android starts offering users a banner to test “WhatsApp for tablets” and that will soon reach to all of the users.



As there was a lot of tweets on the twitter that soon WhatsApp would release a version for Android tablet to an existing WhatsApp account.

Those who have got this banner can test beta version only if you get this you can use WhatsApp account on tablet.

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