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GTA update release date time: GTA Online update time for Criminal Enterprises?

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We’re only a few hours away from the next major update for GTA Online. The update dubbed Criminal Enterprises brings a lot of new items to sandbox gaming. 

It features the addition of 18 vehicles, brands new activities like the Ammunition delivery system, Bouncing for Nightclubs, and even a collectible metal detector. 

This is on top of the brand new GTA mission and story-related content to be released in this massive update.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of this update is the fixes offered to resolve the numerous griefing problems that have affected GTA Online since its first release. 

The PC version, in particular, is known for being a hacked paradise, and this update will take down some of the players. 

Details aren’t out yet, but a known feature that has been confirmed is those intentionally driving in the wrong direction during the race will be ghosted, meaning they won’t be able to collide with other racers.

Gta Online Criminal Enterprises
Gta Online Criminal Enterprises update time map
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GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises OFFICIAL Trailer

Gta online the criminal enterprises release time:

You’ll need to begin working with this update as fast as possible, so you must be aware of when the GTA update is scheduled to release.

There is no official time by Rockstar to announce the release, but the Twitter account @videotech_ has posted an excellent graphic based on the earlier update times.

Are you wondering when The Criminal Enterprises releases for your country? Based on the previous release dates, here’s a timezone map of many nations.
The times can change, and the show could release sooner. Make sure to tune in an hour before the scheduled time, and I’ll be there.

Any other changes or circumstances may affect the timing of this update; the anticipated time of the update will be 3 am ET/6 am PST/11 am BST.

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