Graphic CardsGPUs are already becoming less expensive in 2022.

GPUs are already becoming less expensive in 2022.


Let’s hope this trend continues to spread across the globe.

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The last few years have seen a massive increase in GPU prices due to the market demand and the shortage of chips. Gamers have been the hardest affected by mining cryptos, putting extra strain on these powerful GPUs. Perhaps, however, January could be the month that we could say we started to see a significant decrease in GPU costs as we make the ever-growing hope of returning to normal.

3DCenter (via Videocardz) has been keeping track of GPU prices at German and Austrian retailers in these extraordinary prices. Despite having cards sold at their highest prices from April just two months ago in January, the month of January has seen two distinct price declines.

In the case of Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series cards such as those in the RTX 3090, sales dropped to 185 percent of the retail price at the beginning of the month and have now dropped to 177 percent. AMD experienced a similar decline in which prices dropped to 178% before dropping up down to 167% MSRP. It means that cards such as those of the AMD Radeon RX6500XT  are sold for 1279 to 1559 EUR, which is not that much from MSRP, but it’s getting close. Slowly. We hope this trend continues and extend to the world.

We are cautiously optimistic in the present. The shortage of chips continues to see companies beg to fill the gap in demand. We are also witnessing GPU Shipment Are Predicted To Increase By 10% In 2022 to help fill some holes.

The recent decline in prices for cryptos and Ethereum’s imminent switch into Proof of Stake means that demand for graphics cards to mine may run out. Of course, we’re likely to witness a flood of old cards in the event of this. Beware of those who purchase them as they may be thoroughly worked to the core. However, there are also great deals to be found.

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