According to the FCC listings, Google’s new model Pixel A-series will probably be released in May.
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pixel 6a

The Pixel-A series is a budget phone from Google. According to reports the Pixel 6-series, there will be models called Pixel 6aand Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. One of the models in the 6a series will be compatible with mmWave 5G which is also known as high-band 5G. This makes it one of the most affordable 5G mobile options on the market.

In accordance with the FCC regulations, certain equipments have to be approved and tested before it is launched on the US market.

The Google I/O developer conference is scheduled to begin on the 11th of May. According to report, Google is expected to announce the release of 6a at the conference for developers. The previous year, Google issued its equipment authorization forms a month before the announcement of 5a i.e. the month of July in 2021. We can anticipate the same. In contrast to last year it will be available in many countries.

This year, because of the conditions of Covid-19, the Pixel 5a was an extremely quiet announcement in August of 2021. In the latter part of the year, Pixel 6 was released with amazing AI enhancements and an excellent camera.

The 6a is set to launch with all AI features because of Google’s latest Tensor chipset for mobile phones. The amazing camera of 6a will be the same as that of 5a according to reports.

The 6a phone is an excellent alternative for those looking to get a budget-friendly device that has excellent camera specs and photos that comes with an “okeyish” 5G that is AI-enabled. After the smartphone’s release and we have it, we will be able to test the device and see if it is up to expectations and expectation and. We’ll be getting more details and leaks about the phone as its release date gets closer. Stay tuned for updates.