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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The Google Pixel Fold, the smartphone that folds with the Google logo, was the subject of speculation for years. However, the latest developments give us evidence that suggests that the device could shortly be available.

Google Camera The Google Camera app has received an 8.6 update with a hidden symbol that looks like a foldable phone. There’s no definitive proof of this. However, it’s an excellent indication that Google is working on its apps to work with a device similar to this one.

The button may let users switch between the various Pixel Fold cameras. However, it isn’t yet evident. There are three distinct camera models if it is in line with the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.


Cameras that fold

A foldable phone comes with a back and a camera for selfies, as with any other phone; however, an extra selfie camera folds out of the screen that you might not be aware of.

There is an image camera on the phone’s screen while the device is open, as well as two rear cameras that wrap in the rear when the phone is closed. For instance, the rear cameras can be utilized as a front-facing camera when you fold the device.

All of this needs to be considered by the program. Samsung’s camera app has been modified to reflect this, and it appears that Google will soon follow suit and keep an eye out for more modifications of this type over the next few months.

We’re receiving more and new hints each day.

Google Pixel Fold rumors have been floating around for a while until now, but we’re not sure when they began to surface, probably at the same date that foldable phones first became available.

Foldable Google phone was teased in the past. However, this time there is a lot of enthusiasm behind the notion that an actual device could arrive sooner rather than later.

According to an industry professional, Google’s Pixel 7 phones, due to be released in October (Source), could signal the arrival of the Pixel Fold. This speculation is, therefore, of some merit.

Gboard Google’s standard Android keyboard has recently been tweaked to make it easier to use on a display that folds. While it’s not absolute proof that it’s true, the Camera app update is.

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