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Google wants to hear your thoughts about the Pixel Buds Pro

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The Google Pixel Buds Pro was launched in the summer of this year and received positive reviews. These are the $199 premium earbuds from the company. They offer all the same benefits as other high-end wireless earbuds. Although the company has received feedback from reviewers, the company now wants to hear from all users. Therefore, Google launched the Pixel Buds Pro survey to collect feedback.

The Pixel Buds Pro was launched in July along with the Pixel6a. These highest-end pixel buds offer more features than regular Pixel Buds.

You can now answer the Survey.

It is essential to give feedback about a product. To make improvements, companies need to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their product.

Google asked users to complete a short survey that allowed them to tell the company their opinions. The survey covers both the software and hardware aspects of the earbuds.

You will be asked to rate your satisfaction with each aspect or feature. A 1 indicates that you’re unsatisfied with the quality or aspect, while five means you are delighted. If you still need to start using this feature, there is an additional option.

The survey will ask about the case, comfort, and battery life. You can also give your opinions on transparency, active noise cancellation, clarity, and settings app.

It’s highly recommended to take the survey if you own these earbuds. Every feedback helps Google improve the earbuds and bring out the best version. If you are interested in purchasing the Pixel Buds Pro, follow the link below.

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