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Google Stadia Is Working On To Provide Bluetooth Support For Stadia Controllers

Google got a lot of requests about how to make the Stadia controller work over Bluetooth or other features that might make Stadia workable after shutdown

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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A few days ago, Google Cloud gaming publicly revealed that it decided to shut down all of the servers for Stadia, a game streaming service that didn’t go down well with the gamer audience.

As with consoles, Stadia a cloud gaming has its own controller, which can be used normally on other devices, but only if it is connected via cable, either on PC or smartphones.

Last year, YouTube creator LateStageTech demonstrated how his app, Wiredless Pro, lets users connect wired controllers to an Android device, which then sends the signal wirelessly to a PC. Then, this October, YouTuber Benjaninja demonstrated that this method works with Stadia controllers, albeit with a few caveats. In Benjaninja’s demonstration, neither of the Stadia controller’s trigger buttons were recognized, which could restrict the number of games playable using this method.

Google stadia controller
Google stadia controller

However, the option to use control via Bluetooth is disabled. The good news is that Google is already planning an update to “unlock” the controller, which can be used normally on any device that supports Bluetooth.

The concern for many users of Google Stadia is that What would they do with their controllers, the only memorable piece of hardware Which leaves Mountain View’s platform behind. And it is that these controls, which many have acquired to enjoy the service with all the comforts and why not say how good they look, are on their way to becoming obsolete, if there is something to stop it. Does not happen.

Official Google Stadia controllers – the “gender perspective” ones, yes – can work when connected via cable as well as Wi-Fi, but only for connecting to Google servers that power up Stadia. What will happen at the last closure? Would the device have to be ruined so as not to take back the experience of a decade ago? It does not seem so, as per the latest information in this regard.

Google will work on it, according to media like Chrome Unboxed Bring Bluetooth Support to Stadia Controllers And that their owners may continue to enjoy them in the future. The statement is based on the answers the company itself is providing to users who are raising the issue, so a solution will take time.

And everyone happy.

Some Stadia users have asked Google to open up the Bluetooth capabilities built into the Stadia controller to make these connections easier. Google has acknowledged these requests and is looking into a possible firmware update to make it a reality. For now, at least, a wired connection remains a functional alternative to ensure the controllers don’t become e-waste.

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