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Google Stadia Is Issuing Funds To Its Users

Google Has Begun Issuing Stadia Refunds

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Google is fulfilling its promise to customers that it will issue refunds in the wake of Stadia’s shutdown in January. In addition, Google posted an FAQ explaining how the refund process works.

Google will refund all software purchased through the Stadia Store (such as games, DLC, and current pre-orders) and hardware purchased through the Google Store. However, physical store purchases are not eligible for a refund. The following hardware is suitable:

  • Stadia Controller
  • Founder’s Edition
  • Premiere Edition
  • Google TV packages: Play and Watch

Stadia Pro subscriptions cannot be refunded. However, members can still play their Pro titles up to the shutdown. However, subscriptions purchased after September 29, 2022, and for which they were charged, will be refunded.

The form of payment used for the purchase will be refunded. Google will email you instructions to set up another method of refunding the account if it is unavailable.

You may have received an email advising you of your refund status. While payments are being made, you will still get them today or next week. The gradual rollout will continue until January 18. It’s impossible to predict when your refund will arrive, so eligible users should monitor their bank accounts and inbox over the next few days.

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