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Google Stadia and GeForce Now launch on Samsung TVs today with ‘Gaming Hub’

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Earlier this year Samsung announced that it would release a “Gaming Hub” on its Tizen-based smart TVs, and now that feature is coming to life with support for cloud gaming through Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now at launch.

“Gaming Hub” on Samsung TVs is the “ultimate home” for all things gaming. It can provide quick and easy access to a local console, as well as various other gaming content. The Hub recommends videos including game trailers, gameplay, and more.

But primarily, this acts as a single home for all of your cloud gaming services.

Samsung and Microsoft proudly announced recently that this would be the first way to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on the TV, independent of owning an actual Xbox console. But Microsoft’s option will be joined by two others on launch day

Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are all available on Samsung Tizen TVs starting today. Amazon Luna is “coming soon” as well.

Samsung Gaming Hub is an all- in-one game streaming discovery platform where players can discover and play games they love from partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik, and, coming soon, Amazon Luna.

What devices are supported? Samsung says you’ll find Gaming Hub on its 2022 lineup, specifically calling out the following:

Gaming Hub will arrive for compatible devices following a software update – version 1302.5, to be specific, with the Hub offering streaming support from the previously mentioned services, as well as Utomik at launch. Utomik is a lesser-known cloud gaming option primarily focused on the European market with PC games.

YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch also integrate with Gaming Hub.

The Hub pulls recommendations for games into the “home” page, with games being recommended across supported services, as you can see below.

How does one use Samsung Gaming Hub?

Samsung says that you’ll need a Bluetooth controller – “all of the most popular” controllers are supported, and you can pair audio accessories too – though we were able to confirm that Stadia will still support the Stadia Controller. For Stadia, gameplay up to 4K60 is also supported. GeForce Now members using the RTX 3080 tier will enjoy lower latency, but Nvidia had no mention of 4K support, implying it’s not available.

This launch comes after cloud gaming has been expanding to more TVs over the past couple of years. Google Stadia has expanded to Android TV and LG’s smart TVs, and Nvidia GeForce Now has done the same. Amazon Luna is also supported on Amazon’s own Fire TV platform, though this coming expansion to Samsung’s platform is the first for Luna.

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