The largest search engine, Google, has released an upgraded dark mode available for Google Search on the desktop for a limited user group

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google dark mode

 This new dark mode is significantly dark than the original dark mode and promises to provide more battery life and less strain on the eyes.

User claims, which 9to5Google first released, aren’t well-known, and it could be an experiment. Users who observed their dark mode just before the launch going completely black instead of the typical dark grey noticed that their themes went back to their dark mode following a short time.

Google Search Dark Mode Gets Even Darker After the New Update

The new HTML0 Dark Mode backdrop colour is officially set to the HTML colour code #000000 with a black hue. But, other colours on the site, like blue to display links, look slightly brighter and stand out, contrasted with the background of black.

Dark mode has grown well-known in recent years, with everything from Microsoft Windows to Facebook and Twitter to many Google services, with dark themes being introduced for the platforms they use. As increasing numbers of users choose notebooks as their primary computers and are looking for ways to extend the life of their batteries, battery longevity is the top concern. The most significant cause of laptops’ power consumption is the display. So, the darker you can make your display, the greater the battery’s longevity.

To switch between light and dark mode:

  1. Click the gear icon in the right-hand corner.
  2. Then, select to switch the mode to dark. After that, choose the dark mode.