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Google Play Store Button Got Bigger Than Before

Google keeps experimenting with the design, features for Play Store to make it offer better user experience.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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From the last few months Google is updating its play store daily with alots of new amazing features either changing its logo look or other option in play store today we noticed a change in logo that is much bigger than before. The Play Store is releasing Features and yet more are on they way.

As if we talk about previous updates to Google play store that change has been applied tot the Home screen and modern buttons style comes in July.
In the recent few weeks Google change its logo from slightly rounded corners to guidance-conforming pills.

In recent days, the Play Store has more widely rolled out larger “Update all” and “Update” buttons that result in taller touch targets. For the latter case, this helps when you have a list of app updates.

This tweak rolled out via a server-side update.

As we have see many users complaining about Play Store bug that is crashing when ever they open up data safety We’ve replicated on several devices running the same account (and version 32.8.18-21), but the majority we checked are working normally.

Upon expanding (for apps you’ve already downloaded) the Data safety dropdown, tapping “See details” briefly loads the full screen page before crashing. The second time you try to open and it crashes, Android offers the “Google Play Store keeps stopping” dialog box. Those affected can check Data safety on

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