As part of the continuing growth of the Pixel series's At Glance capabilities, you might be notified of any packages being delivered through your Nest Doorbell.

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google pixel nest doorbell

Nest Doorbells are delivered at an A Glance.

One of the main aspects of the Nest Doorbell is that one of the key features Nest Doorbell series, combined with the Nest Aware subscription, is that the camera on your front door will detect when a parcel is delivered to your door and after it’s gone. This idea is to deter burglars on your porch and make it more convenient.

Alongside the everyday notifications provided via The Google Home app when the delivery has been made, the report suggests that Google is now working on plans for Pixel phones that will provide an aural reminder to pick up your parcel. It’s an At a Glance widget that appears on your home screen and the lock screen. The new feature is coming to this widget’s settings directly linked with your “Doorbell.”

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This is the second tie-up with an extension of the Nest Doorbell series that Google Pixel phones offer. The At a Glance area recently gained the capability to inform users when the doorbell was rung and who was at the door. The package delivery settings don’t specifically mention “Nest Doorbell,” so there’s a possibility that other doorbells monitored by package delivery might be able to be used.

In the past few months, which culminated in the¬†March Feature Drop, The Pixel’s At a Glance area has steadily expanded its features, including everything from earthquake alerts to information about connected devices. As you can see from the new part in development, Google isn’t finished developing their phones’ ambient capabilities.