Google PixelGoogle Pixel tablet is on the way, and we...

Google Pixel tablet is on the way, and we know everything about it


It’s been reported that the Google Tensor chip powers the Google Pixel tablet in development. It’s scheduled to launch in 2023.

Thanks to Google itself, who gave us a sneak peek at the Pixel tablet at its Google I/O 2022 press conference. We’re not yet aware of any details about the new tablet; however, we do know that it’s likely to be running Android 13.3 and will enhance Google’s current lineup of Pixel devices, such as those like the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch, which were also announced during the I/O event.

Hopefully, it should be good enough to be included on our list of the most popular tablets available.

Google Pixel tablet: Latest information (Updated on June 4)

Google Pixel tablet price and release date speculate.

We don’t yet know anything regarding the Pixel tablet.

Pixel tablet; however, we know the launch date, which is 2023.

It could come out at any time next year, but it’s unlikely Google will launch this new tablet on the market before 2023. It’s most likely that the Pixel tablet will launch sometime in the fall or the spring in the fall or spring when Google typically releases hardware.

Google pixel tablet

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The fall season is exceedingly probable given that Google’s previous tablet named the Pixel Slate was launched in October of this year. Before it, Google released the Pixel C tablet in December 2015. If past performance is any indication, we expect the next Google Pixel tablet to debut in the latter half of 2023.

Google Pixel tablet: Design

At the Google I/O 2022 event where the tablet was revealed, we were able to get an uninvolved look at pictures of the tablet in the promotional shots, which suggests it’s a plain-looking tablet.

Based on the teaser, we’re expecting a natural slate with smooth edges and relatively wide bezels. There’s a front-facing and rear-facing camera. We’ll need to wait to find out how effective they are.

The bezels surrounding the display are more significant than we’d like. So we’re hoping Google will be able to reduce them before the launch.

It is possible that the Google Pixel Tablet could include a stylus as an alternative to a Google tablet codenamed “Tangor” on the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) website. As the Pixel Tablet is the only tablet that we know for specific Google is working on, it will probably accept stylus input.

If it is true, it will give the Pixel Tablet a neat tool design that can compete with other tablets, such as those like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and iPads that have recently been released.

There’s also the speculation that a Nest Hub’s possibility with a removable screen could also be a part of the Pixel Tablet. There is a code base for Android. Android code base suggests the possibility of a Google Dock capable of charging tablets. When the tablet docks, it could also double as an intelligent display.

Android tablet from Google: Android 13

Google Pixel tablet is currently being designed by the same team working on Android. Google made it a topic of discussion at the 2022 I/O event to illustrate how the company is striving to enhance the experience of using Android tablet devices.

Google pixel tablet

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The event was part of a more extensive campaign to promote all the new features coming to Android 13 and includes features that will be a highlight when used on Google Pixel tablets.

Notably, Google has pledged to update over 20 of its applications to make them more efficient and compatible with “large screen” Android devices such as tablets (in contrast to the “small screen” devices like phones). In addition, the general tablet’s interface will undergo an overhaul. Users will have access to more information in a single glance and have access to a taskbar located at the bottom of the screen. There will be the ability to drag and drop between apps, as you’d imagine.

Google is cooperating with developers from third parties to improve their tablet-friendly apps. It includes Zoom, TikTok, Facebook, and Canva. The Google Play Store will make locating applications optimized for tablets easier.

We’re still learning what we can anticipate from Android 13; we are aware that it will launch with features such as Virtual surround sound, theme icons from third-party developers, Bluetooth LE audio, notifications, and more efficient tools to manage the battery use. In addition, considering that Android 12L has made many minor enhancements to the general experience when using Android on tablets, Android 13 will likely be able to continue the trend.

Google Pixel tablet: Outlook

It’s way too early to form an informed opinion on Google’s proposed Pixel tablet; the information we’ve gathered so far is certainly interesting.

Google put on a massive display of cutting down its tablet-related development efforts in 2019 following the possibly disappointing launch of its Pixel Slate, so it’s great to see the big G get its hands dirty and take another shot at making the perfect Android tablet.

There’s a good chance that the Android tablet market can benefit from some competition. Take a look at our list of most popular Android tablets that you can purchase, and you’ll find a lot of Samsung tablets, including the fantastic Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It would be great to have Google bring a competitor to the table that can give Samsung’s top tablets a fair run against them, but we’ll have to check out if the Pixel tablet can compete.

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