Google PixelGoogle Pixel Tablet Everything we've learned so far

Google Pixel Tablet Everything we’ve learned so far


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Alongside the anticipated announcements, Google also announced speculations about Google’s Pixel 7. Pixel 7. or even the new Pixel Tablet.

It was an absolute surprise, given that aside from an advertisement for jobs, there was any hint that Google was working on developing a tablet. Google confirmed that it’s working on a tablet, but it also showed its Pixel Tablet images and shared the first details.

Below below is all we’ve heard about Google’s Google Pixel Tablet. As of now, this is all Google has offered us, but we’d like to believe that leaks and speculation will begin to surface, and we’ll incorporate them into this article when they are revealed.

Let’s be straight to the issue.

  • What is it? An upcoming tablet from Google
  • Will it ever be available? 2023
  • What can it cost you? No idea yet

Google Pixel Tablet release date and price

Google has said that it plans to launch the Pixel Tablet sometime in 2023, which means there’s a lot of time until it’s accessible for purchase.

The company hasn’t provided any further specifics, but we can draw a reasonable guess as to the time we’ll be able to see the announcement. There are two occasions during the year when Google will release the launch of new equipment. The second is Google IO which usually takes place in May.

It’s also the time to announce new numbers for Pixel versions, which usually happens at the close of the year but not always during October. So, it’s the perfect time to announce Google’s new Pixel Tablet during one of these events. Google is expected to announce the new Pixel Tablet, but it’s likely to see the device launch at a different date in 2023.

One of two choices, we’d suggest that it’s more likely to be the October alternative since Google did not appear to be confident of the possibility that it would launch in 2023. And that’s not Google’s intention. Therefore, there’s a lot of work to be completed regarding the issue.

We’re not sure the price it’ll cost you. It isn’t easy to speculate as Google hasn’t announced any other smartphones or tablets yet. We’re also not sure what the cost for the Google Pixel Tablet can be. Google Pixel Tablet is.

The Google Pixel Tablet from the back, focused on the camera

(Image credit: Google)


Rumors, news, and gossip

Google has published a couple of photos that show the Pixel Tablet, two of which are displayed above.

This slate is white, featuring curvy edges, broad bezels, and one lens camera on the front and back.

In terms of the look, it’s similar to the Google Home Hub without the stand. We think it’s likely to be a mid-range slate, not a premium one. It’s also possible that it’s an alternative to tablets 10.2 and the iPad Air (2022). iPad Air (2022) is more expensive than iPad Pro 11 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Alongside a short glance at it, Google also revealed that it would be running its Tensor chipset (currently utilized in Pixel 6).. But given that the tablet will launch around 2023, it’s likely that the yet-to-be-announced third or second-generation chipset will be in place of the current model.

We also know that the Pixel Tablet will be running Android, especially Android 13.3 and Android 14, based on 2023 when the tablet is launched. Since it’s an official Google device, it’s bound to receive many improvements to its operating system, and they’ll likely be made promptly.

But it’s not an Android tablet experience you’re accustomed to, as Google is improving users’ experience on tablets and tablets, with Android 13 expected to bring an updated interface that is made to work with more giant screens.

In addition, one could speculate that it is equipped with similar rear cameras that have 50 megapixels, as it did with the Pixel 6, since Google doesn’t tend to change the camera equipment that it uses frequently, and this is the first camera that was brand new to be used in the price range.

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Aizaz khan
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