The NBA Playoffs return this Saturday, and we’ve prepared an immersive experience in virtual reality that will take the sport you’re interested into a higher level.
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google pixel

This NBA and Google Pixel Arena is a virtual space influenced by live sports that let players create games, participate and share their experiences, and feel proud of their 2022 NBA Playoffs abilities.

Enjoy the experience during the halftime break or games by downloading an application called the NBA App; the NBA App keeps all the action of the entire NBA Playoffs hosted via Google Pixel and the NBA Finals broadcast through YouTube TV.

When you’re in the Pixel Arena, Choose one of the games on offer – with an assortment of games from the past. You can then lose yourself in the virtual 3D world using the gyroscope on your smartphone to move around. You can even create your avatars and outfit in the clothes of your group and other accessories.

Google and the NBA unveiled the "Pixel Arena" 3D-friendly fan-friendly stadium in the 2022 Playoffs.
Enter the Pixel Arena during halftime of NBA Playoff games to show your team spirit with a personalized avatar.

The experience adds the courtside experience a new meaning. After halftime and after-game, you can replay how the top players and teams played by replaying 3D shots that correspond to the Pixel Arena court using live NBA information from the start phase of the game. Are you looking for an assessment of your basketball abilities at halftime? The perfect moment when you can test your NBA knowledge with specific trivia about the game is based on live NBA streaming information. Every time you play the game, there are more chances to climb the leaderboard, share content, earn new levels, and even merchandise for your avatar.

Google pixel

It is the first fully immersive experience developed by Google and the NBA to bring fans closer to the sport and interact playing with each other while they are playing live. While staying true to our motto, “For everyone who loves to watch”, the Pixel Arena is accessible to everyone regardless of the device or operating system.