The Pixel 6a comes with a brand-new fingerprint sensor that could be ending the months of frustrations users faced in Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

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google pixel 6a

It was finally revealed after months of leaks, speculation, and reports. Google Pixel 6a was officially announced in Google I/O 2022 and appeared to have the latest fingerprint scanner. The scanner issues on the Pixel 6 and the 6 Pro have led to several Google fans being dissatisfied with the sensors; however, Google may be able to make things better with the new 6a.

It’s worth noting that this new fingerprint sensor was not discussed when the Pixel 6a was announced at the Google I/O keynote earlier this week. Instead, the details on the new feature were¬†made available to Android Central¬†by Google’s senior vice head of services and devices,¬†Rick Osterloh, during the announcement.

There’s not any information that can be substantiated about the scanner’s new features aside from the possibility that 6a would feature it. While many hope for a significant enhancement over previous models, such as the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s sensors, there’s nothing to suggest that the new model’s performance will be better than the previous models.


This doesn’t mean that future Pixel 6a buyers should give up on the fingerprint scanner; however, the very nature of the fact that Google is changing the feature is a sign that it’s listened to the opinions of its customers and is seeking to improve the user experience.

Google has been updating and gradually improving the scanners on both the six and the 6 Pro since the launch in January of this year; however, the sensors in the display leave many things to be left to be desired.

There has been speculation that the sensor introduced in the 6a is similar to those used in future Google Hardware launches. This could hint that Google wants to test its latest hardware with a device expected to come at a lower price before jumping into the newest technology in the flagship device.

Despite the lack of detailed information about the new sensor, the announcement may be a positive thing that is good news for Pixel owners. We’ll find our answer shortly when the Pixel 6a is launched on the 28th of July. Then, the fans will be able to determine what the new technology can improve in any aspect.