Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro is Google's most significant phone update to date, and we're unable to imagine any better phone to recommend, but with some critical issues, we have faced yet.
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Google Pixel 6

In the months since its release in late 2021, this Google Pixel 6 family has been a two-edged investment. Although the phones are excellent, months of Pixel issues have beset users with bugs in the software and other problems that make the phones challenging to work with for specific users.

The phones are at the top of some of our rankings and are at the top of our list of the most camera-focused phones and top Android phones, particularly those with the Google Pixel 6 Pro with its bigger screen and a second camera.

However, given the numerous smartphones that are bug-free however, we’ve had a difficult time suggesting phones because of their software issues… up to the present.

Are the issues solved?

During the Google Pixel 6¬†series’ initial few months of existence, it was plagued by problems and getting worse. Each new software update appeared to bring in more bugs than the ones eliminated.

The trend remained steady until 2022, after which, after the release of the April Pixel update that brought a massive array of patches and fixes, Pixel six phones were distinct from what they were in the past.

Google Pixel 6
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Software bugs are bound not to be eradicated from every device, but this new update has brought the Pixel 6 family’s problems to an acceptable level. In the present, bugs are unexpected events and not something that happens every day.

With phones that are less susceptible to a few infamous errors, which means that they’re much more attractive purchases than they were a few months ago… but with just one minor, tiny condition.

The price isn't fair

The cost of a smartphone decrease over time, making it more affordable if you hold off for some months. It is a standard and established rule in capitalist-driven technology and gadgets.

However, that’s not the situation with those who own the¬†Google Pixel 6 family, even though nearly six months have passed since the launch. In the US, phones generally cost the same price they were launched. In the UK, at least, as of the date when we wrote this article, we see that most costs are more expensive.

Google Pixel 6
(Image Credit: Google)

The general rule of price entropy in smartphones isn’t as strong shortly.

This may be the case soon. You may be able to purchase a new Google Pixel phone and have determined that the bug fixes are your moment to leap. We suggest you get your calendars out.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is likely to occur in mid-July. If you’re able to wait that long we’d suggest doing it. The time (it’s not a one-day event despite what it’s called) is likely to bring temporary discounts on various Android phones. Given the age of their phones (and the absence of deals), Pixel phones seem likely to be the most popular for discounts.

If they don’t get reduced, they will not cost any more excellent (hopefully) as you’ll have the option to purchase batteries, cases, and other items at a lower cost.
If you’re not keen to wait until July, you might get some Google Pixel 6 deals to alleviate the financial burden. However, it’s beneficial to keep your phone running for the next few months.

Google Pixel 6
Andrew Hoyle/CNET