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Google might not announce Android 13 until September

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Google launched the initial beta version of Android 13.
It was released relatively early compared to an earlier version of Android.

This led to many believing that Android 13 would likely launch publicly for everyone sooner than it usually and earlier than usual.

However, the most recent evidence suggests this may not be the situation. Although we wouldn’t be amazed to see Google had launched Android 13 this month, it appears that the latest version will be released in September.

Google recently published the quarterly Android 13 Security Bulletin for August.

The document provides details on security flaws and how devices are running an Android 13 security update level 2022-09-01 will be safe from them.

The language indicates that security updates discussed in the document will likely be available on September 1, even though the paper was published in August.

The release date note and also the possibility of the fact that Android 13 will launch with the September 2022 security patch don’t necessarily reveal what Google’s plans are for the Pixels, however.

Open-source versions of Android 12 (AOSP) were also released two weeks before the update was released to the Pixels, and Google will likely follow the same pattern next time.

Google released the first Developer Preview version of Android 13 in February 2022. The company then released the first beta version a month earlier than usual and before the formal launch at the company’s June developer event, Google I/O.

Additionally, Google has just released Android 13 Beta 4 for the brand new Pixel 6a. This further implies that beta programs may be around for a while. There could be no reason to launch the beta program to 6a when there was a chance that the Android 13 launch was just close.

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