Google Meet Adds Emoji Reactions to Enhance Virtual Meeting Experience

Google has finally launched a feature that users and colleagues have eagerly awaited: Emoji Reactions for its video-conferencing platform, Meet. The emoticons, which include a heart, thumbs-up, party popper, astonishment, tears, thumbs-down, and thinking, provide a new way for users to express their emotions during virtual meetings.

The reactions don’t remain static as they do on other platforms. Instead, they float across the left side of the screen, and if multiple people use the same emoji, it explodes. Emoji badges also appear in the upper left corner of the video tile, allowing users to see who has reacted to the same expression.

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The new Emoji Reactions feature is now available on Google Meet for web, iOS, and Meet physical devices. However, it’s not yet available on Android, but Google has announced that it will be available on the platform in the “coming weeks.” This new feature is a welcome addition to the video conferencing platform, becoming a staple for many businesses and organizations during the pandemic.

Google is also introducing a new way to personalize virtual meetings with the introduction of 360-degree backgrounds on Meet mobile. The backgrounds change as the camera is rotated, providing a unique and dynamic way to add visual interest to meetings. This feature is coming to Android and iOS devices in the next few weeks and will initially include a beach-themed background, with other themes such as sky city, oasis and mountain temple to be added in the following weeks.

This new feature is a great way to break the monotony of virtual meetings and make them more interactive and engaging. The backgrounds allow users to feel like they are in a different environment and can help to boost morale and productivity.

Google also plans to start informing users to switch to the integrated version of Meet and Duo, which it describes as “the single solution for both video calling and meetings.” The final alerts will be sent out on January 17th, and Google will start transitioning users to the updated Meet app “in the coming months.” This move will bring a more seamless experience for users and make it easier to switch between video calls and meetings.

Overall, these new features are a great addition to the Meet platform and will enhance the virtual meeting experience for users. The Emoji Reactions and 360-degree backgrounds provide a new way to express emotions and personalize meetings, and the integration of Meet and Duo will bring a more seamless experience for users. Google continues to innovate and improve its platform to meet the needs of its users, and these new features are a testament to that.

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