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Google Maps for Android adds the nearby traffic widget [U Live]

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Google announced today that its first-party apps include more than 30 widgets available on Android. The upcoming Google Maps widget will provide the latest information about nearby traffic at the current location.

Version 7/7 7/7: Google Maps Nearby Traffic widget is currently rolling out through a server-side upgrade. It could cover the entire home screen or be smaller than 3×2. The background follows the system-wide light/dark theme. It instantly opens Google Maps to the Traffic layer when you tap it.

The FAB in the lower right corner lets you zoom in and out. In addition, the widget will require that you give “Allow all the time” access to your location.

The original date is 6/15. The preview you will see today is a rounded square that displays a map, showing your current location in blue dots in the center. Like in the Traffic map layer within the complete app, Google will note the current state of the map by using orange, green, red, and green lines.

An action is a floating icon (FAB). The FAB, inspired by Dynamic Color and located at the bottom-right corner, lets the user Zoom inside (and out) while the Google logo is visible in the lower-left corner.

…you’ll see this information for your current location right from your Android Home screen. So if you’re about to leave home, work, school or anywhere else, you’ll know at a glance exactly what local traffic might be like.

Google today offered us a glimpse, likely two x two in size. It’s unknown if the widget can be resized and if it is compatible with the other one called “Quickly find nearby places.”

The near traffic feature will be coming into Google Maps for Android “in the coming weeks.” Similar functionality was launched in the iOS app the last year; however, “Know before you go” has more features, including the ability to “Check latest traffic conditions, see location details, store opening times, restaurant reviews, and more.”

When this home screen object goes live, Google says the first-party widget count on Android will be 35.


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