Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming more popular. Various big technology firms are studying the building components of the new "metaverse" AR and VR.
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Google AR Efforts Get Boost Via Purchase Of Micro-LED Company Raxium

Google is one of these companies and is looking to purchase Raxium, a company owned by Google. Raxium to create micro-LEDs that could be utilized to power AR devices.

Together with Google, Meta and Microsoft are also aiming to be an element of the Metaverse. AR and VR settings and even games are already in existence, but they’re hoping to turn the Metaverse into a cult thing. We’ve all seen the videos of people who attend long meetings at home with headsets.

Google intends to buy Raxium LEDs

The virtual meetings could be much closer should the deal be approved. The report from The News People close to the topic is talking about it. Google is looking to purchase microLED startup Raxium

. The company manufactures MicroLED lights that supply backlighting to AR or VR screens.

Google has already started working on the development of the AR operating system. The first step would be to purchase some hardware to run this system. It’s hard to determine what capabilities this operating system will be able to provide or when we’ll observe it in action. Google is indeed looking for companies to create a headset. This indicates that progress is being made. However, it will take a while until we see the headset in action.

We’re not sure of the amount Google might do with Raxium; however, as per reports, the company is valued at around 1 billion dollars. While that’s an impressive amount of terms of money, it’s nothing more than a slush fund in the eyes of Google.

And Other Google News: Google I/O will take place during May!

The most anticipated event for the staff at Google is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. Google’s annual event, Google I/O, was teased by a bizarre SVD puzzle. If you solve the puzzle, you’ll be aware that the event will occur in May, between May 11th to May 12th. We’re likely to learn more about Android 13, and we’ll likely receive information about Android 6a, the Google Pixel.