In the past month, we were made aware of this zero-day Chrome vulnerability that state-sponsored hackers in North Korea could access for just over a month until an update was released in February, midway into

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Google issues Chrome update fixing mysterious zero-day exploit.

In that instance, hackers were able to track users who were not cautious by presenting fake websites and websites they faked by securing similar domains. This time it’s the second time we’ve seen in 2022, we’re facing another zero-day issue in Chrome, and Google will release a new fix.

A stable channel for desktops within the latest desktop Chrome upgrade available on Windows, Mac, and Linux was released Friday. In the blog post of the Chrome Releases Blog (found via the Bleeping the Computer), Google explains that there’s one security patch available in the update to fix CVE-2022-1096’s zero-day security vulnerability. It was first revealed to Google through an anonymous report from the 23rd of March. The issue lies present in Chrome’s JavaScript engine, which could become exploited and exploited to install their programs in the Chrome browser. It’s exactly the kind of attack hackers would prefer to use against their victims. Google doesn’t offer much information beyond stating that it has been attacked, which exploited this flaw.

The company claimed that it would hide some of its details from public view to safeguard its users and stated that the full details of how the exploit worked would not be revealed until everyone had found an answer. Fortunately, this time, Google provided a patch before the exploit became widely known. Users are advised to upgrade to Chrome version 99.0.4844.84 immediately can.