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Google is going to shut down the Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard

Assistant Driving Mode, another name for the car-optimised experience in Google Maps for Android, will continue to exist, the report said.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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When Google announced that Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard was going away, we weren’t exactly that upset because more cars than ever had Android Auto baked in and Google was also giving us a replacement that worked through Google Assistant. Called Google Assistant Driving Mode, this in-car experience was built to launch with a simple voice command and then do much of what Android Auto could.

Google will shut down the entire Assistant Driving Mode Dashboard on November 21, reports 9To5Google.

Driving Mode, another name for the car-optimised experience in Google Maps for Android, will continue to exist, the report said.

Shortcuts for calling and messaging are included on the homescreen, along with audio controls and media choices.

For those who actually adopted Google Assistant Driving Mode, I have bad news – Driving Mode will shutdown in November. More specifically, November 21 is the final day, according to 9to5Google who received the confirmation from Google.

Google in 2019 announced to roll out a voice-enabled driving mode on Assistant that would not only personalise suggestions for navigation, messages, calling and media, but also bring all relevant activities front and centre.

Driving mode would launch on Assistant once the user connects their phone to the car’s Bluetooth.

If the user’s phone is not connected to the car, they could just say, “Hey Google, let’s drive”.

In addition to driving mode, Google also announced to make it possible to use Assistant to remotely control cars — like users could ask Google to adjust the car’s temperature before the driver gets in.

Here is the complete demonstration of Android Auto


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