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Google has brought back Duo, Since its Meet transition was so confusing

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fatima khan
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The Duo icon is the one that launches Google Meet (2022), but it’s not Google Meet (original)

What is it that makes you look such a mess?

Google’s strategy to merge its communications services into Meet was designed to (finally) simplify the process and make it easier. It was intended to create clarity and order for a business that has always overthought this kind of thing and made it complicated to a remarkable extent. Last month, the company changed its name to Meet. Duo video chat app to Meet and added Meet’s features. It left the previous, phased-out Meet app but with a brand new “Meet (Original)” name. This also resulted in an iconic headline.

However, not all users have been satisfied with the sudden identity change. With the latest update of Meet, the Meet app on Android, Google has restored Duo’s initial Duo symbol and the name as a special shortcut that appears in the app launcher. Tapping on Duo will open Google Meet. This means you now have two methods of accessing the same app.

Google said to 9to5Google and Droid Life that it had made this change to ensure that users could launch Meet by simply searching in the search bar for “Duo,” just like they were able to do before its rebranding. The decision to make this needed again suggests an organization that has lost the thread of strategy surrounding these services.

The Duo shortcut could help ease the transition; however, it can lead to further confusion, especially in the context that Google has been telling users that they should “look for the Meet name and icon as your one app for video calling and meetings.” This isn’t any longer the case but is it? There are two icons and two names for the same application. When you open the multitasking view after you launch Meet using Duo, the Duo shortcut menu, you’ll be able to see Duo’s icon at the top; it says:

Google Meet with a Google Duo icon above it. Makes complete, total sense. Screenshot by Chris Welch / The Verge

Great job, everyone. No notes. One day we’ll have only messagesGoogle Chat, and Google Meet after all of this. Sadly, without the clear, simple FaceTime option that Duo used to be, the path to get there isn’t easy.


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