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Google Drive is getting a small but mighty new productivity feature

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Google Drive is scheduled to get a tiny but significant new feature, which will help you find the exact location of your important files.

Google’s cloud-based storage platform has announced that it will add a newly added “Location” column that expands to show the complete name and other details of Google Drive files. Google Drive files.

In the blog article (opens in a new window) announcing the news, Google said the new feature would allow users to distinguish between similar-named files stored in various locations. That means that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking to see with much greater speed.

Google Drive search

The new column for location will be positioned alongside the existing name size, owner, size, and fields last modified in Google Drive’s Search, Recent, Starred, and Trash web views.

Clicking or hovering over the info will show the complete location information that can be used as an alternative to the present method of right-clicking a file and choosing “show file location,” which can open an entirely different window.

Location field in Google Drive

(Image credit: Google Drive)

This new option is available as of now and will be available automatically. It will be accessible to all Google Workspace customers and the older G Suite Basic and Business customers.

The latest update is in a long line of improvements made to Google Drive in recent months as Google strives to make the service more effective than ever for every user.
This includes the addition of “search chips” in Drive that let users filter the search results using several different parameters, such as the type of file, the label, and the date that was last modified.

When looking for a particular file, it is now possible to enter a keyword instead of the file’s name to find the information they’re seeking.

Google also announced the fact that Google Drive will now allow administrators to define customized labels that could be applied to the files located within their domain, aiding users to sort and organize their documents more efficiently while assisting in the process of finding files and safeguarding against intentional misuse or accidental mishandling or mishandling of sensitive files.

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