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Google Contacts has rolled out its latest redesign

which trades in a simple list of details for neatly organized cards.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Last year, Google Contacts was the first app from the company to get a significant update to the Material You design language. This involved tweaking some of the shapes of in-app elements and adapting the app to the Dynamic Colors system in Android 12+. It was discovered by Twitter user Prajjwal Porwal and reported first by Android Police.

The latest change to Google Contacts — which appears to have rolled out widely with the newest update and is available on every device we checked — massively shakes up the design of the contact details page. In both the old and new designs, this page consists of the contact’s picture and name and a list of actions available depending on the information.

In the old version, below that action bar, you would find a simple list of each field you’ve filled in for that person — phone number, email, address, etc. Now Google Contacts divides up this info into different categories, including “Contact Info,” “About [name],” and “Labels.” Each category is then given its Material You styled card.

Another notable tweak is that the floating action button has been removed to put a pencil/edit icon in the top bar.

On the one hand, this redesign is clean and more easily readable than the previous iteration of Google Contacts. But on the other hand, one can argue that the design is less efficient in how it uses your screen real estate. For example, unlike the simple list before, the cards need padding on all sides to keep a clean design. What do you think of the latest Material You styled, card-based redesign for Google Contacts? Let us know in the comments.

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