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Google Chrome rolls out an update that addresses an important security flaw Users are advised to download it immediately.

Monitoring the login credentials of every one of you could be a headache even if you’re able to install a password management program such as Lastpass and Bitwarden. You can also use Google Chrome’s built-in password manager, which is a great option in need. This isn’t necessarily the prettiest or most sophisticated; however it offers users the ability to store passwords within your browser (and it’s drawing more attention lately). It seems that Google is working on plans for a new feature that will include the possibility that users can “send” their passwords.

This feature came to light through Twitter posts by Leopeva64 on Twitter (via 9to5Google). Chromium developers are working on code to make the “send password” button within the menu for overflows appears next to every user’s password. Although it’s not working as of now, once it’s in place, it will allow you to give passwords quickly and safely within your browser.

Google Chrome seems to be developing the ability to share passwords that have been saved.

Why should you share passwords with friends? There are various reasons, but when it comes to teams. Accounts on social media or teams’ services that several users share. If you want to create an account password, it will require a method to share your account’s password. A password manager within Chrome allows you to copy passwords saved within the browser. However, it’s an additional step.

The likelihood is that it will take some time before you can test this with the browser you use. If you’re trying out the files that aren’t stable, they’re not yet operational, but we might be seeing some progress in future versions of the process of development. We’ll keep you updated when we find out what exactly will be working.