Google has launched Chrome Version 99.0.4844.84 to Windows, Mac, and Linux. The company encourages customers to update their browsers in the shortest time possible.

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Google Chrome rolls out an update that addresses an important security flaw Users are advised to download it immediately.

If you’re running Google Chrome, you should update your browser as soon as possible. Google has acknowledged that its browser is susceptible to being zero-day vulnerabilities with the possibility of being hacked, which hackers have already successfully exploited. This means that your data and the device on which you, the user, install the Chrome browser is susceptible to hacking until the most current update isn’t in place. The reality that Google released the update as an urgent update indicates an issue with security in the browser is severe.

Google has made Chrome Version 99.0.4844.84 accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux and has urged users to update their browsers as quickly as they can. In the Chrome Releases Blog Post, Google has stated that this update is a security update that addresses the zero-day attack CVE-2022-1096 first discovered by an unknown researcher during the month. According to Google, the zero-day flaw lies within Chrome’s JavaScript engine, and attacks are being created by hackers who want to infuse malware with malicious intent into the browser. Google has said they will reveal additional details regarding this security vulnerability until a substantial part of Chrome users have downloaded the patch.

The vulnerability lies in the Chromium Engine, and it also impacts the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft confirms that the vulnerability exists inside Edge and has made available the fix to guard against vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Microsoft Edge running version 99.0.1150.55 or greater Microsoft Edge browser that is running version 99.0.1150.55 or higher is no longer vulnerable to the security flaw CVE-2022-1096. If you’re running older versions, it is advised to address this flaw with care and update your browser.

What is the CVE-2022-1096 vulnerability?

While there isn’t much information about the vulnerability, some research papers have suggested CVE-2022-1096 might refer to “Type Confused in Version 8.” It’s a reference to the JavaScript engine found within Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, both of which are browsers based on Chromium. Because the researcher, who was not named, disclosed the vulnerability to Google, the choice is left up to Google’s decision on when it will release the details. The decision Google took not to make an announcement may stem from the assumption that it would be a source of anxiety for users, and they would opt to disable Chrome instead of updating it.

How do I change the settings of Google Chrome?

It’s simple. Go to the Chrome menu, and click the three dots located in the upper-right-hand corner. Select Help. Choose “About Google Chrome”. Your browser will begin looking for updates. If it discovers one, the download will start with a sequential. After the update is downloaded and installed, Chrome will ask you to restart your browser to allow the update to be effective. Although restarting your computer isn’t required in the course of installing updates, however, I would suggest it.