Google has announced an update for Google Chrome Stable from March 2022.

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Google releases an emergency update for Chrome.

The emergency update fixes a problem with security that’s 0-day within the browser’s web interface, which was exploited in the wild as per Google.

The update brings up-to-date the Stable Version of the web browser to 99.0.4844.84.

The update is available for any desktop system, and Google declares that it will roll out seamlessly on all devices “over the coming months or days”. Users of Chrome may want to speed up the process of installing security updates by following the method:

  1. Begin the Chrome Internet browser (either version).
  2. Select Menu > Help > About Google Chrome, or load chrome://settings/help directly in the address bar.

Google Chrome shows the version present on the webpage that is being opened. Update checks are performed and any updates found are downloaded, then installed. Chrome should detect the security patch which was released.

The announcement of the release for stable version release of Google Chrome on their Google Chrome release blog contains details on the patch for vulnerabilities.

The update addresses a security flaw that is considered extremely. High is the second-highest security classification, just behind critical. Google declares that they know an exploit to the vulnerability and that it has already been exploited as part of attacks. Google has not released any further information regarding the vulnerability currently. The method of attack and the extent of the consequences aren’t known at this time.

The security issues patched are the second 0-Day security vulnerabilities that Google has fixed in 2022 to its Chrome internet browser. The initial patch to fix security was announced in February 2022 to fix the issue that was being utilized in the previous.

Chrome Users are recommended to install the security update at the earliest period possible to protect the browser and their personal information from threats that target this vulnerability. Google has made available the update that targets the extended Stable Channel of its browser in the same way. However, it does not mention the patched security issue in the announcement.

Today How often and when do you update the browsers you use?