GoogleGoogle Chrome and Firefox version 100 may cause the...

Google Chrome and Firefox version 100 may cause the death of certain websites. Here’s how


It is what has happened before… two times.

Chrome & Firefox Version 100
(Image credit: Google/Mozilla Foundation)

Although history is adamant about a repeat of itself, web browsers are better capable than ever to prevent harm. Mozilla, as well as Chrome Version 100, is expected to destroy some websites. In version 100, the number of versions will change from triple to double numbers.

Many websites shut down as browsers changed from single-digit to double-digit versions more than 10 years ago. Similar crashes are expected due to Chrome and Mozilla version 100 nearing.

There’s a Github listing of the 100 issues from version 100, and Engadget has reported that those affected websites include major names such as HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo.

What is the reason Chrome & Mozilla Version 100 is an issue?

The user agent strings on websites assist in identifying the browser, its version, and the OS it runs on. Some websites might have issues that aren’t identified which could hinder the user agent strings’ ability to read three-digit versions.

The same thing happened when browsers changed from single-digit to double-digit version numbers. Therefore, this time’s crash shouldn’t be as serious. But, browsers are trying out damage control.

The well-known Y2K bug is another instance of such crashes and difficulties. Computers had issues changing dates after December 31st, 1999. This was because engineers of the past used two-digit codes to save information. Therefore, when computers hit 31-12-99, there was nowhere else to go.

In the same way, version 100 could cause problems for websites using user-agent strings that suffer from the same issue. Mozilla Developers declare, “Some parsing libraries may have hard-coded assumptions or bugs that don’t take into account three-digit major version numbers.”

The Chrome browser and Firefox 100 version 100 are scheduled to go live between March 29th and May 3rd. It’s only an issue of time until we can know the true effect of the new version.

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