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Google Calendar Reminders Migration: Mandatory No location-based Tasks or Maintain Integration

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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We reported last month that Google Calendar was laying the foundations for replacing Assistant Reminders with Tasks. Further details about how the conversion of Tasks-to-Reminders within Calendar is expected to work are available.

About APK Insider’s View: In this “APK Insight” article, we have decompiled the newest version of an application Google released to its Play Store. If we break the files (called APKs for Android applications), we can observe several lines of code which we can speculate about future features. Remember that Google might or may not be able to offer such features, and our understanding of what they are is faulty. We will be trying to allow those close to being completed, but we will show you how they appear in the event they launch. With this in mind, continue reading.

Version 2022.26.x of Google Calendar contains many more strings detailing the “reminders_migration” process. This change within Google Calendar appears to be required”soon” or “soon” – at some date. A button will change “reminders into tasks” immediately for those who do not wish to be patient.

  • <string name=”reminders_migration_card_title”>Soon your reminders will be upgraded to tasks</string>
  • <string name=”reminders_migration_card_button”>Turn my reminders into tasks now</string>

Google continues to argue the fact that Tasks is more tightly integrated with Workspace and is the sole method of managing tasks:

  • Tasks give you greater flexibility, letting you organize your to-dos into lists and manage them anywhere in Google Workspace

No task-based on location

Google Tasks currently does not provide the use of location-based reminders, and any new locations added after the upgrade will be listed in the description of the task. This is because Google is already eliminating the trigger for location from Reminders.

  • <string name=”reminders_migration_dialog_description_location_remark”>”If a reminder has a location, it will appear in the task’s description. You will not receive any location-based notification from it.”</string>

There is no Google Keep integration. 

In addition, we are aware that “all your reminders are still available in Google Keep,” however, the new string indicates they “Reminders created in Google Keep will not be turned into tasks.” Google will notify users that “All your reminders were created in Keep” and “cannot be turned into tasks.”

Reminders are the only application with Assistant Integration and will likely stay mostly the same within Keep; however, it will not have connectivity with Calendar. The migration from Google Calendar Reminders to Tasks is focused more on improving the Workspace to-do list. However, this transition is complicated by the personal use of accounts and, of course, assistants.

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