To assist users in finding great reviews about items, Google is introducing some changes in Search.

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Google Announces Search enhancements enable users to search for positive reviews for products.

 In an article on its blog from a couple of days ago, the company announced an update to Google Search, aiming to improve the quality of the results users see when searching for reviews about the products. The company has also issued guidelines for reviewers to help them create reviews that have a higher chance of being displayed in search results following this update.

In the wake of the update, results of search results for product reviews will now remove bad reviews based on specific criteria, including:

  • Give you in-depth and valuable details such as the benefits or drawbacks of a product and information about how the product functions or how it differs from previous versions.
  • Find feedback from people who have used the product. You can also demonstrate its physical properties or the way it’s used.
  • Offer specific information that isn’t offered by the manufacturer, like audio or images and hyperlinks to other media that offer an insider’s view of the reviewer.
  • Review similar items, or debate what differentiates a product from its competitors

In an article, Google said that the update will be made available within the next few weeks and may affect the rankings of products with English-language reviews on various websites. Google is planning to support various language versions in the near time.

Google has also issued instructions to reviewers to help reviewers improve their rankings in Google Search. If you’re a reviewer, who reviews products for a living and wants to know more, you can read the latest guidelines by clicking the hyperlink in the following.

The most recent revision to the reviews of products on Google Search follows a similar update from April of last year that gave guidelines to creators who helped write better reviews about their products, resulting in a better ranking on the search result page. The changes are expected to increase the number of reviews on products and aid users in making an informed choice regarding the products they purchase.

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