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Good News For Fitbit Health Connect support Rolls Out For Android

Fitbit for Android rolls out Health Connect support [Update: Active]

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Aizaz khan
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This morning Samsung and Fitbit is rolling out the version 3.69 which supports Health connect feature which is amazing news for those who are caring about fitness.

As this is initial app rollout, it should be noted that the Fitbit must be sync with the health connect and it should be active. you should look at the following guidelines to make it abwe to work for you going into the Fitbit app > tapping your profile avatar in the top-left corner > “Health Connect” (at the very bottom).

Make sure that “Sync with Health Connect” is checked on. You can also check Health Connects Recent access timeline.

According to 9to5google:

Fitbit can write data like your workouts, sleep, and heart rate to Health Connect. You can choose which data you want Fitbit to write to your device.

Data in Health Connect is stored on your device, and other apps you’ve set up with Health Connect will be able to access this data. How these apps use the data will vary depending on the app, but each app should explain how they use your data.

Few days back Fitbit Rolls out an update 3.69 started rolling out last week and is now seeing wide availability via the Play Store early morning . As when we updating to the version we aren’t able to see the health connect.

But after opening Health Connect which shows that Fitbit Compatible with this version. Go to App permissions and Fitbit will be listed under “Not allowed access.” From there, select “Allow all” or choose from: Distance, Elevation gained, Exercise, Floors climbed, Heart rate, Sleep, Steps, and Total calories burned.

As today they have Release new version 0.1.1153.480892628.0-open_beta of Health Connect was also released this morning and adds a “Recent access” timeline for some. It lets you “see which apps have accessed your data in the past 24 hours” and what it added (e.g., activity, sleep, vitals).

Here is the live proof:

More about Fitbit:

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