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Gmail is able to continue receiving messages coming from the sender’ issue acknowledged

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Gmail is among the most frequently used email services available in the world. Since it was able to take over Hotmail in 2012, Gmail has managed to hold its top position until now.

However, using the most well-known email service doesn’t assure a hassle-free experience.

According to various accounts, Gmail users are getting the prompt “Do you wish to receive emails from the sender? (Source)

and from the same sender despite pressing ‘Yes’ multiple times (1, 2, 3).

The people affected say they find the problem extremely frustrating, as they have received numerous messages exchanged back and back and forth between them and the sender.

9to5google first noticed the bug, and their report was the first to highlight Google’s official acknowledgement of the issue.

The issue is acknowledged we have mentioned; Google has acknowledged the problem and stated that they are working to fix the issue. However, there is no ETA to resolve the issue as of now.



The acknowledgement also acknowledged that the issue is affecting regular Gmail users and those who have accounts for enterprises.

A potential workaround product specialist has provided an alternative solution to resolve this problem. All you need do is restart Gmail to see if the email won’t be displayed to you.


However, users sigh relief since in the latest update on the issue, and Google confirmed that they prevented the bug from popping to the surface.
But, they will be able to see the message in earlier emails. Presently, Google is working to eliminate the old ‘Does anyone want to receive more mail from this particular sender ad from Gmail accounts too.
We’ll keep an eye on this issue and revise our story with relevant facts. Go to our Google section for more of this information.

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