Fortnite Fans Rejoice as Highly-Anticipated Fortnitemares Halloween Event Arrives with Exciting Updates

Epic Games has made an exciting announcement that will send shivers down the spines of Fortnite fans worldwide. The highly anticipated Fortnitemares Halloween event has finally arrived, and players can now explore the thrilling updates with the v22.20 patch. From a new Werewolf weapon with unique abilities to unvaulting a fan-favorite weapon, the event promises to be a treat for fans of the popular battle royale game.
The Fortnitemares event will run from October 18th to November 1st at 2 AM ET. During this spooky season, players can participate in various quests and activities to earn special rewards, including taking down Cube Monsters in Zero Build Horde Rush, using unvaulted items, and much more. In a recent blog post, Epic Games provided a detailed breakdown of the Halloween-themed event’s features.
To celebrate the launch of Fortnitemares, Epic Games has released a gameplay trailer that gives fans a sneak peek of what to expect. The trailer showcases the new Rick and Morty skins and Ash from Evil Dead, adding excitement to the event. Fans can also browse map submissions in the Discover section, where creators can design islands centered around frights, delights, or both.
One of the most exciting features in the update is the Zero Build Horde Rush mode, which enables players to take down hordes of monsters, collect multipliers, survive at different locations, and take down the Final Boss without the aid of building.
The update also introduces Fortnitemares Quests, where players can perform the Alteration Altar ritual, visit Grim Gables, and use unvalued items like Candy and the Pumpkin Launcher to earn XP. Completing various quests will unlock different rewards, including the Everything’s End Glider, the Chrome Cage Back Bling, and the Unmaker Pickaxe.
Moreover, the event introduces a new foe at Grim Gable’s house, and players must defeat him to obtain his Mythic weapon. To add convenience, Epic Games has added a new “Custom Diagonals Keyboard Movement” setting to the Mouse and Keyboard settings tab. The setting allows players to adjust the diagonal movement of their character to a preferred angle of movement.
Although the Fortnitemares changes are not included in competitive playlists except for map changes, the update also comes with several bug fixes, such as Reboot Cards no longer sinking if the player was eliminated in water and players being able to see the progress of their EvoChrome weapon evolutions in competitive playlists.
Overall, the Fortnitemares Halloween event promises to be exciting for Fortnite fans. The update offers a fun and immersive gaming experience with its new features, quests, and skins. For more information on all the new content, quests, and skins included in the Fortnitemares Event, fans can visit the official Epic Games website.
As Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney once said, “We’re excited to see Fortnite continue to evolve and grow, and we look forward to sharing our plans with the community.”

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