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Fortnite exceeds 7.7 billion users, possibly because Blanka wears a suit.

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Street Fighter's Blanka and Sakura will be in Fortnite.
Image: Capcom/Epic Games

Blanka Sakura and Sakura are the most recent Street Fighter characters coming to Fortnite and will surpass 7.7 billion players on Thursday because Blanka is wearing suits. That’s right: Blanka from Street Fighter 2 has been seen wearing business suits sported by men. I would suggest you get used to it!

The latest Street Fighter characters to join Fortnite will be available on April 28 from 8. p.m. ET in the game’s shop to purchase products. In the case of Blanka, this is that the Brazilian street fighter’s appearance of shorts and shackles in the original appearance and the be-fit Blanka Delgado alternative style that Epic Games says is inspired by Rival Schools’ Bowman Delgado that … isn’t real if you look at Bowman, however, we’ll accept it as they’ve got Blanka wearing an outfit. Blanka also receives an Axe, the fruit salad (“Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe”), the Blanka-Chan Back Bling, and an emote for backflipping.

Sakura has been the first to appear as an antagonist in Street Fighter Alpha 2. She wears her first school uniform and gym-inspired attire inspired by the Street Fighter 4 appearance and the iconic Victory Sway emote. (You have seen Sakura’s sultry winning dance. ) Sakura’s outfit is not just a gym-inspired one. Sakura outfit also features an original claw-machine Back Bling and a Fighting Tournament Trophy pickax, and a Kayari Buta glider, modeled after a ceramic incense holder that can be used to repel mosquitoes.


Epic Games will hold two variations that will be held in the Blanka and Sakura Cup within Fortnite, one of which is the mobile-only Zero Build Duos Cup happening on April 27, while the second one is an all-platform Battle Royale Duos Cup happening on April 28. The top players from each region will receive bonus loading screens for the stage, including Blanka and Sakura providing street justice to Peely, who was caught parking his car in a handicapped-accessible parking space. That isn’t the best image for a banana guy.


This is the brand-new Blanka and Sakura load screen. In case you’d like to download this, hit the appropriate button.
Blanka and Sakura will join previously revealed Street Fighter characters Ryu Chun-Li, Guile, and Cammy in Fortnite. The expansion of World Warriors by Capcom World Warriors is part of a more significant commemoration of the game’s 35th birthday. The original Street Fighter was first released in arcades in 1987.

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