Apple Watch Bands is popular not only because of its advanced functions and features but also its security and privacy. The passcode feature in Apple Watch Bands has been introduced to protect private settings and data confidentiality.

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apple watch bands
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There are instances when you forget your password. In reality, if you type in the wrong passcode 10 times, your device may be locked. If you’re in similar issues and forgot the Apple Watch passcode, we will show you what you need you can accomplish to reset the Apple Watch Bands passcode.

Revert to Factory State

Apple Watch Bands lets you access specific shortcuts when it is forgotten your password so that you can resolve the problem. For example, you can tap the button on the watch and the crown that rotates to access an instant menu and then reset your watch to its factory settings.

This means that all settings and data in the device will get removed. However, the connected iPhone will have backups of settings and data before the reset process is complete. These are the steps you need to follow to reset the settings on your Apple Watch through buttons.

Resetting Apple Watch Bands 2022

Step 1. 

Connect the Apple Watch Bands to a charging pad to ensure it doesn’t run without charge.

Step 2. 

Shut off the watch by pressing the button to the side.

Step 3. 

Long-press the crown of the rotatable for quick setting.

Step 4. 

Click on Clear All Content as well as Settings and then select Reset.

Step 5: 

Reset the iPhone by selecting the Reset option once more.

Your Apple Watch Band 2022 will be reset to factory settings, and, consequently, any passcode you’ve chosen will be deleted. You must complete the first-time setup, create an additional passcode, and continue the watch.

Setting Up Apple Watch Again

Step 1. 

Wear the watch and switch it on. Go near your iPhone. Your watch will display the initial setup prompt. Select Continue.

Step 2. 

It’s an ideal time to connect the gadgets, and you need to put the watch in the onscreen frame of your iPhone. Of course, you can pair the devices manually, too.

Step 3. 

Following pairing, you need to select Restore from the factory option or Set as New option based on your preferences.

Step 4. 

Register with an Apple ID and then set up all features. Then, choose the to create Passcode. Passcode option.

Step 5: 

Then, download Apple Watch Bands apps and finish using iPhone’s syncing process.

The next time, make sure to save your password somewhere so you do not need to go through this process once more.

Reset via Apple Watch App

If you’ve discovered that the procedure mentioned above is a bit complex, You can reset your watch back to factory settings by using Apple Watch Bands App whenever you forget your watch’s Passcode. It would be best to use the iPhone, which is connected directly to Apple Watch Bands 2022. Below are some steps you need to follow.

Step 1:

Make sure you keep your iPhone and Watch near each other to allow pairing.

Step 2. 

Begin by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step 3. 

Click on the My Watch tab on the app and choose the General option.

Step 4. 

Click on Reset, then tap on erase Apple Watch Content and Settings option.

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apple watch bands

Phase 5: 

Make sure you confirm your intentions and enter your Apple ID for verification.

1: Save Apple Watch Bands Passcode Safely

If you are worried you might lose your Apple Watch passcode again, it’s best to make a prudent move this time. First, you must save your password and use a password manager application that lets you store all your passwords in one location to retrieve the information you require. Two reliable password manager applications to check out.


1Password uses end-to-end encryption, which means that even the app cannot know what data you’ve stored. It is possible to save passwords by labelling them and categorizing them into vaults that are easy to access at any time. In reality, the app suggests secure passwords for all accounts. You need to follow these steps to enable 1Password on the Apple Watch.

  • Set up 1Password on your iPhone and your Apple Watch.
  • Launch the app and go to Settings > Apple Watch Bands.
  • You can enable the Apple Watch option, and you’ll be able to use Apple Watch by pressing the digital crown and keyhole icons.

It is possible to try the app for no cost for 30 days, but after that, you need to purchase the paid version.


LastPass is another well-known password management tool. It uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard your password. The app itself will not be aware of your savings, and these are the steps you need to follow to create it.

apple watch bands
    • Install LastPass on iPhone and¬†Apple Watch Bands 2022.
    • Connect to your iPhone as well as Apple Watch Bands 2022.
    • Launch the LastPass app and go to¬†Settings¬†> Security.
    • Select the Authorize Apple Watch Bands 2022 option, and you will receive an alert on your watch.
    • Follow the instructions that are displayed for both devices. Upon the proper activation, you’ll be able to use the app on Apple Watch Bands 2022.
  • If you don’t wish to utilize the password management software, you could write it down and then store it safely.

2: Unlock Apple Watch Bands and iPhone Together

  • If you are having trouble remembering your passwords, you can connect Apple iPhone or Apple Watch Bands so that when you unlock your iPhone through Face ID and other available methods. So, you won’t require a passcode for unlocking Apple Watch Bands 2022. These are the steps to follow.
  • Through Apple Watch Bands 2022
    • Please navigate to the Settings menu, Passcode, and choose the Unlock my iPhone option.
    • Through iPhone
    • Open the Apple Watch Bands app > My Watch > tap on Passcode and then select unlock using iPhone.


There’s nothing to worry over if you lose the Apple Watch Bands 2022 passcode. We’ve illustrated the steps that you must follow to resolve the issue. In essence, you must reset the factory settings of your Apple Watch Bands to reset the Passcode. But, it’s more secure to eliminate the Passcode and then unlock Apple Watch Bands 2022 with your iPhone.


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