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forget PS5 — Sony is making massive profits with PC games

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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PlayStation's port of PC of PlayStation games (which opens in an entirely new tab) is expected to bring in more cash over the coming year, even though Sony's PC efforts are performing very well in revenues.

It was evident in the shareholder briefing in which Sony presented several slides. One of them showed the profit from PC ports. The fall also highlighted that they had earned $80 million in the previous fiscal year (running from the beginning of March), and that’s just the tiniest fraction.

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These are the revenues made through Horizon: Zero Dawn (opens in separate tab), God of War, and Days Gone, but there are plenty more that can be expected, Sony predicts. For instance, in the upcoming fiscal year, Sony is expecting its games on PC (opens in the new tab) to generate $300 million, which is nearly four times more than the revenue it made in the prior year (and nearly 9x more than the $35 million it made for 2020). ).

It’s a massive leap in the amount made, but it asks what exactly you think Sony is planning to do, making sure that PC port sales (opens in a brand new window) are likely to continue to rise?

Analysis Live-service broadcasts must be continued…


There’s only one game Sony recently revealed for PC that’s Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (which is scheduled to be released shortly) (opens within a brand new page). It’s awaited by many people and can be predicted to be a huge success; however, it’s probably only a tiny piece of the puzzle that could earn millions of dollars in PC revenue.

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The report comes from PC Gamer (opens in a New Tab), who discovered it (via IGN (opens in new tab) report). News from IGN (opens in an entirely New Tab) message) The report states that the projection may consider the increase Sony will likely receive through the acquisition of Bungie and the enormous amount of cash taken in Destiny 2.

Also, a picture shows that Sony plans to release three live-service games in the coming year, likely making a lot of dollars, among which is most likely Destiny 2. The only game listed in the list of games is MLB The Show 2022. However, it’s not for PC. (Not yet ), but it’s expected to be scheduled to transfer to PC because, during the previous two editions, MLB was first introduced to the Xbox and later to Nintendo Switch with the 2022 game).

This leaves a third live service game entirely untested in terms of the potential for making money from such games, but it could be released to PC, which would create more players.

The question is what PC gamers are anticipating, not MLB The Show – well, some may; however, the most discussed issues surrounding PC ports are Bloodborne and the Spiderman games.

There’s a chance that something similar is taking place since twenty percent of Sony’s games are scheduled to release on PC in the coming year, and over 30 percent when 2025 comes around. Keep your fingers crossed, and remember that most of the money that is expected to be made will likely come from live-service cash cows, more than any other source…


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