CybersecurityFallout's Vaults, ranked from worst to best

Fallout’s Vaults, ranked from worst to best


The Vaults were built to protect human life from atomic bombs, providing safe underground shelter for years until the surface world was once again safe to be inhabited. At least that’s what the Vault-Tec Corporation told everyone. As Fallout 2 revealed, in truth most of the Vaults were built to perform sinister, cruel, and occasionally quite funny experiments on the unsuspecting inhabitants.

There are a lot of Vaults in the Fallout series. In this list, I’m only including actual Vaults you can visit in the mainline Fallout games on PC, and disregarding Vaults only referenced in passing or those deemed non-canon by Bethesda (such as in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel).

fatima khan
fatima khan
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