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facebook search by name and location without login

Facebook is among the top well-known social media platform and online networking services. Almost every aspect of our lives is indeed mirrored on Facebook. Some people consider it an addiction, and it’s an obsession for others. Every user is aware of how to utilize Facebook to the maximum extent. Most people who use the Internet except for a few unique instances have an account on Facebook profile. I’ve heard many people talk about tracking their classmates from kindergarten through Facebook. It sounds so great, you think? But how can those¬†who do not have a Facebook account¬†find their classmates from kindergarten on Facebook? There are various options to locate someone on Facebook without needing to make an account to log on.

When you are beginning your search, you should be aware that many users opt for the privacy settings of the investigation. When this is the case, the user’s information will not appear on the search results public page. That is a security measure to stop individuals who aren’t Facebook members from gaining access to a private member’s information.

Facebook Search Account By Name Without Login

Facebook Directory is identical to the Yellow Pages as it lists the names of individuals with active Facebook users. You can search for individuals using their Facebook username in the search bar, or you can search for people alphabetically by title. This directory lists the pages with high numbers of fans and sites with the highest number of checking-ins.

The public visibility of other Fb users and the privacy of other users is determined through the Fb accounts owner’s privacy settings. So the parameters can be set to block everyone selected by the user, as they can be made publically accessible via general search engines. The limits’ levels allow the account administrator to restrict access.

Many users cannot browse Fb’s pages without the use of an Fb account. However, there is a lot of data available on Fb without registering profiles if we are aware of how to access it correctly. Below are a few ways to get Facebook information without opening an account.

1. Google Search Query:

Google is undisputed the king among the search engines. With many complicated queries, you can make use of Google to search for specific types of files, URLs, and a specific web page. All you need to do is enter the information of the person you’d like to find, and Google will provide you with all the rankings results.

A query is an assortment of one or more words, numbers, or sentences that you would like to see in search results lists. It is common to refer to queries as a search phrase. Then, press the ENTER key or press the Google Search bar to display your search results.

2. Facebook Directory:

If you haven’t signed in, they’ll have to prove they’re not an automated machine before they can proceed. After this short security test, you can browse Facebook within one or three categories.

To encourage users to sign into their accounts, Fb intentionally made the process cumbersome. Every time you choose an option or even a search result, it will be screened for security. Take place. It is also the case when you make use of the search function.


Enter the name of the person you’re looking for using the query box to the right. The results will vary by the privacy policies of various users. On Facebook, users cannot remove themselves from queries. However, they may ask to have their information deleted from the Directory. They also have the option to restrict how much information that you can access.

Its¬†people Search¬†site on Facebook is the authentic search engine. You can enter the names of people you’re seeking, and the result of your search will show an array of profiles with the same name.

Find the person you’re seeking And “happy connecting” with a long-lost friend! If, however, you’ve unsuccessfully located your person searching for, you may be able to refine your search further. You may provide additional details such as city, school and college. If you’re unable to achieve success, perhaps the person has hidden the personal information of all users. How do you create an account on Facebook and then re-checking?


This category has verified celebrity profiles and businesses such as cafes, restaurants and other establishments. That is an excellent place to begin your search. You can also search for companies that have Facebook accounts.

Places Tab:

This section lets you look up concerts, hotels, concert venues, or other businesses. After you’ve signed in, Places shows an overview of your nearby acquaintances. Even with no profile, browsing this tab could yield valuable results.

3. Facebook People Search:

That allows People Search to be very robust, allowing you to tweak your search terms. Like Google users, you will get only 10 results on one page.

The directory lets you search for individuals, websites and places. It enables you to search for places, parties or applications.

4. Social Search Engines:

Social media has brought about an entirely new type of search engine called social-based search engines. They aim to collect publically accessible information from a range of social networks such as Facebook and offer this data to the user in a structured way.
People let you add the name of the person and the location of the person. That is a significant help in narrowing down potential profiles.
Social Searcher enables you to search for people and groups using hashtags, as well as enhanced search queries. Like Pipl, Social Searcher will deliver results from multiple websites on social networks. It’s an excellent source when you’re trying to find details without logging onto Facebook.
It is an excellent way for people, brands, and businesses to know everyone comments on their products and brands. You can also use it to check out the latest news and stay up to date with the latest happenings.

5. People Finder Engine:

Many people search engines on the internet, which aid people find their lost friends or finding someone they have met at a party or a concert. Many people-finder solutions allow you to look up people and provide information about them. Their results are not specific to Facebook but a compilation of all that their web crawlers can discover about the person.

The most popular services available in this area are Pipl websites.¬†These websites allow users to get more details about people on Facebook.¬†Note that Pipl is an expensive service that comes with monthly fees for subscription.¬†It is possible to use PeopleFinder If you’re looking to find basic information at no cost.¬†When people search engines gather information from the internet, Facebook results hold prominence over other sites.¬†However, as with all websites it is contingent on the privacy settings of your target.

6. Social Search Engines:

Social search engines function similar to search engines that are general however they allow you to narrow the scope of your search with a myriad of filters that include details about your location.¬†It instantly reduces your search to a specific region.¬†If you’re looking to find John Doe from, say the New York City, you won’t be bombarded by information regarding John Doe from London, Sydney and Los Angeles.¬†Certain social search engines allow users to retrieve results based upon specific hashtags or topics.


Cambridge Analytica controversy prompted some users to cancel their accounts. Fb’s user base is growing. Even if you wish to stay away from Fb its reach, its impact should not be ignored.

In some instances, people may require searching on Facebook for information that isn’t accessible in other places.¬†As an example, for instance, you might need the assistance of the social search engine to find former friends.¬†In addition, you can make use of Fb to research companies, brands as well as small businesses.¬†In fact, many small-scale businesses depend on Facebook to grow.