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Exclusive: Google Fiber Is Coming To Five More US States Over The Coming Years

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What is Google Fiber:

Google Fiber has named Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, and Nevada as the five states to which it plans to grow its FTTP network, which is the company’s first significant expansion announcement since 2015.

credit business insider

The company was founded in 2010. Google Fiber was set up to provide FTTP throughout the US, which brought TV and broadband to a limited range of places and the goal of expanding slowly. 

The initial location is in the Kansas City metropolitan area; shortly after that, the company announced its plans to grow further to Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah, in 2013, with plans to expand to Atlanta, Charlotte, the Triangle, Nashville, Salt Lake City as well as San Antonio over the next two years.

Google changed its structure in 2015, during which Google Fiber was made an affiliate of the umbrella company Alphabet Inc. In October of 2016, the SVP of Alphabet and the chief executive officer for access, Craig Barratt, announced that all expansion plans were in limbo. He also stated that the work would continue in cities where it had been launched or was in the process of being built.

Where Google Fiber currently operates

In a blog article titled ” What’s next for Google Fiber” today, the CEO of the division Dini Jain laid out what is expected to happen with the ISP will expand in the coming years.

You can visit the Google Fiber website to check its availability and sign up for the service. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Google Fiber (including its Web pass service) is available in 14 states: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Iowa was the first Fiber state to be added in the last five years.

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, and Nevada “will be the main focus for [Google Fiber’s] growth for the next several years.”

  • We’re talking to city leaders in the following states, with the objective of bringing Google Fiber’s fiber-to-the-home service to their communities…

This is caused by “many months traveling across the country.” Fiber has spent the past few years improving its services by dropping traditional TV services to Chromecast along with Google TV and streaming (as much as possible thanks to higher speeds) and eliminating plans of 100Mbps to concentrate on gigabit speeds.

The company also began providing two gigs of service in the year 2000 by using a brand new Wi-Fi 6 router, letting customers utilize their own devices, and launching retail kiosks.

In addition that Alphabet’s ISP will continue to expand into current metropolitan regions. A different goal is to talk about “communities that want to build their own fiber networks,” with Huntsville and West Des Moines cited as cities that have seen it was possible to make this “model work[ed] effectively

  • We’re thrilled to be expanding our geographic reach once again — bringing better internet to more people in more places. Stay tuned in the coming months as we fill in this picture with more details about our new cities, even faster speeds and redefined customer service.

Google Fiber is expanding to five states:

(Credit: Google)

The company plans expansion into 22 metropolitan areas in the five states. This includes announced plans to expand to Mesa, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The blog, attributed to the company’s CEO, Dini Jain, states, “We’ve been building our network throughout all our cities and the surrounding regions starting with North Carolina to Utah. 

We’re connecting our customers with customers in West Des Moines – making Iowa our first state that has been created within five years. And we are soon to begin construction in neighboring Des Moines. In addition, we announced that we’re building an internet system in Mesa, Arizona.’

These states will be the primary area of our growth over the next few years and continued expansion in our metro areas of today. We’re delighted to expand our reach geographically, providing better internet access to more people in more locations. Keep an eye on us to see how we update this picture with more information regarding our new cities, faster speeds, and improved customer service.’

The article also noted that the company is keen to assist communities in attempting to create fiber networks of their own after having seen this approach succeed in Huntsville and West Des Moines.

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