Mobile Phone ReviewsEvery Android smartphone user should be aware of this...

Every Android smartphone user should be aware of this essential iPhone AirDrop rival.


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 “One of the benefits of having an iPhone,” they inform me, “is that you can AirDrop things.”

I was shocked in the past. However, I was shocked when a friend who uses Android did the same to me, as they needed to send something. Then I realized that most Android smartphone users aren’t aware of the AirDrop option to them.

I was in the exact boat until I found a way to transfer files quickly between Android phones. I think that anyone who uses the device should know the benefits of Nearby Share.

Meet Android Be-no. I’m not sure but wait…

Android phones were previously equipped with an option called Android Beam. It utilized NFC for transferring files from one device to another.

To do this method, you attempted to share a file the usual way, and then you brought your phone to the person you wanted to share the files with.

This was not precisely some AirDrop alternative, as it required you to rub your phones together like two dolls you were trying to kiss. This was an obscure feature that many Android owners had not used before.

However, Google has gotten rid of Android Beam in 2020 to make way for something more user-friendly.

Meet Nearby Share

Nearby Share is similar to AirDrop. You can send files, images, and even links with those nearby if it’s not to an Android device (though it seems that Chromebooks will soon get support too).

That means you don’t need to use your phones to make or use an alternative app to send files. Easy!

I’d never heard of Nearby Share – I assumed Android Beam had been removed because people only used cloud storage, email, or messenger apps to share things and messages. I usually utilize WhatsApp for this type of thing. However, Nearby Share is here and is simple to use.

I was exposed to Nearby Share in a way that reinforced its benefits – someone with whose contact information I wouldn’t want to share with me something. Instead of giving me my email address or phone number, they could simply near share them with me. It’s straightforward.

How to use Nearby Share

Utilizing Nearby Share is pretty straightforward. However, I have to admit that when I realized just how prominent the button is, I was embarrassed for not having noticed it.

The way to use it differs according to the Android fork the phone is running; however, generally, it is as simple as pressing the Share button (y’know, it’s the one that appears like this: ) and then hitting “Nearby Share’.

Nearby phones with this functionality will be displayed, and you can transfer the files to them.

This is somewhat slower than AirDrop and AirDrop, but considering that more users than iOS use Android, I’m happy I can use this to send files easily to an increasing number of users.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
Aizaz was the first person to get a byline on his blog on technology from his home in Bannu in 2017. Then, he went on to a career in breaking things professionally at my electric sparks which is where he eventually took over the kit as a hardware editor. Today, as the senior editor of hardware for my electric sparks, he spends time reporting about the most recent developments in the hardware industry and technology. If he's not reporting on hardware or electronics, you'll see him trying to be as remote from the world of technology as possible through camping in the wild.


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