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Enthusiast makes Intel DG1 GPU work on AMD’s Platform.

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The company introduced Intel’s entry-level Iris Xe DG1 desktop graphics cards in 2021. However, they were only available for system integrators looking for entry-level Intel-based computers. They can even be prevented from being installed in systems based on different platforms. The Iris Xe DG1 desktop board was not sold separately, so that restriction wasn’t strictly necessary. Furthermore, it turned out that Intel’s Iris Xe graphic card can be used on an AMD computer.

A Chiphell enthusiast has purchased an Intel Iris Xe DG1 graphic card and made it compatible with an AM Ryzen7 5700G on an AMD X570 system. Officially, Intel’s DG1 can only be used with 9th- and 10-Gen Core processors from the company on motherboards powered with its H410, H365, B365, and B365 chipsets. To work with DG1, these machines must Feature a specific BIOS. This bio is required to start the system when it serves as the primary graphics adapter.

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(Image credit: Intel
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(Image credit: Intel
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(Image credit: Intel

If you have another graphics processor installed, it is possible still to use Intel’s DG1 with an ‘incompatible platform.’ This is precisely what the enthusiast did. He established his Iris Xe DG1 on a system with a Radeon RX Vega graphics card and then installed the appropriate Intel driver. He only had to turn off CSM (compatibility-support module) to disable Legacy Mode and enable full UEFI Mode. Although he needed to tweak the Linux operating system to run the Intel GPU alongside an AMD CPU properly, everything worked under Linux.

Practical readers might wonder why Intel’s Iris Xe DG1 graphic card should be installed in an AMD Ryzen computer, particularly one with its integrated graphics adapter. The answer is that Intel’s GPUs have media processing capabilities far beyond AMD. The DG1 supports 8Kp60 AV1 decoding and also processes mainstream video at a higher quality.

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GUNNIR Iris Xe MAX Index V2, Intel DG1 in a retail desktop package | Igor’s Lab

It may not be a good idea to rush to an online shop to purchase an Intel Iris Xe DG1 Card to improve media processing capabilities. The Intel Arc Alchemist A380 desktop boards have arrived and don’t seem restricted. It has been shown that Intel’s desktop discrete GPUs from the previous generation can be used with AMD’s platform.

source : tomshardware , appuals  intel 

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