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Elon Musk proves he’s not the wrong person to save the world.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Elon Musk has officially filed to stop himself and his Twitter acquisition, and Twitter accuses him of being a Bluff. They’ll hear from Musk before a judge. It’s going to get worse from now, and one crucial ruling has already been handed down in the past by Elon Musk: he’s not got the necessary skills to manage Twitter. This is a devastating blow to his mythology.

We’ll review the details of Musk’s official SEC filing in the next few minutes. However, it’s essential to recall what Musk has spoken about the deal and why he decided to make it happen in the first place. It’s not like anyone forced the acquisition of a small social media company on the wealthiest person in the world. Some obvious online trolls have marred Musk’s behaviour concerning the deal. One could reasonably think that he wasn’t interested in the agreement in the first place and is now creating a lot of Musk fans and Twitter people who hate him, constructing the 4D-chess story, which can make the blunder appear deliberate.

There are certain things Musk spoke about during the chaos during his Twitter takeover that should not be overlooked. They strike at the core of what gave him his initial reputation: an innovative, bold industrialist, futurist and perhaps even the one who would tackle the issue of climate change and multi-planetary civilization. Yes, he has been working hard to build a massive number of social reactionaries and other right-wingers who are more concerned about his trolls than the work that is the responsibility of SpaceX and Tesla. But his real credibility — – if he even had his role as the spokesperson for enormous and ambitious efforts to improve the world and improve it.

He didn’t need it; however, he certainly brought the same energy that saved the world on Twitter. 

Twitter deal:

  • Musk claimed he was inspired by the reality that Twitter was becoming a “de facto town square”, and there was “really important that people have both the reality and the perception that they’re able to speak freely.” (He frequently spoke about “free speech” in this period.)
  • In a speech at a TED gathering, Musk said the deal isn’t about how to earn money. The exact words he used: “it’s about the future of civilization, but you don’t care about the economics at all.”
  • In a subsequent interview with internal the employees at Twitter, Musk said, “I want Twitter to contribute to a better, long-lasting civilization where we better understand the nature of reality.”
  • Musk: “Twitter has extraordinary potential. I’ll be able to unlock it.”

These arguments stand out over anything else because (a) things that are vital in the long run for humankind are not something you usually tweet about in the first place, and (b) this is especially true for Elon Musk, who has spent his entire career after Tesla developing the notion that he’s in a position to safeguard humanity’s future and spread the civilization across the galaxy. Do you think he tweets dumb memes often? 

Yes. Did he take the car into space in-joke? Sure. But the mission statements of his businesses are profound. Tesla aims “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” Neuralink aims to create devices to help those suffering from disabilities “regain independence.” And SpaceX? This is all about “enabling people to live on other planets.”

Thus: Musk is consciously spending his entire career focusing on some of the most challenging issues. Musk gives a lot of speeches, lays out big ideas across the table and makes many promises. Additionally, the effort to bring peace and order back into the world has earned him one of the largest and most active fan bases on Twitter. Let’s face it Elon Musk loves to tweet. The only person who tweets more than Elon Musk was removed from Twitter and impeached twice by United States Congress.

But keep in mind: Musk did not declare, “I want to buy Twitter because I love tweeting, and I command an army of users here.” Musk claimed that Twitter was crucial for the future of human civilization. Spiritually it joined those of Teslas and SpaceXs of the world.

What kinds of issues could hinder this man from achieving Twitter’s full potential? To guide it, and in conjunction with his other businesses, aid humanity shortly? The only absolute claims within the SEC filing:

  1. Twitter will not provide the data needed to determine the number of spam bots on the platform.
  2. Twitter fired some of its employees and also lost some top executives.

This is a weak crybaby saga.

Musk has been arguing about the bot issue for quite a while and even arguing publicly over the chief executive of Twitter regarding the matter. I’m not going to go through this entire controversy. There’s a court case in the Delaware Court of Chancery is set to look into this in more detail gist is that Musk is trying to sabotage an enormous amount of money concerning a problem that is well-known by every single social media organization across the globe, who have all put in huge sums of resources to address it over several years. It’s an entirely false choice from a man willing to tackle global issues like climate change.

Let’s say to have amusement that Musk is correct. When he first began the process, examined the hood, and set out his strategies for Twitter’s employees, He discovered that Twitter’s bot count is greater than 5 per cent. What’s that? What’s the difference between a spread of 90 million users that TikTok and Facebook are ahead by billions? If you believe Mark Zuckerberg is an unelected dictator of speech, how do you think that removing Twitter will aid in taking him down? Why would you claim in your SEC report that the revenue generated by Twitter’s active users is at risk? This does not sound as if you’re “not caring about the economics at all.” This seems to be a sign of only caring about economics.

Then, as for snatching the deal due to a handful of Twitter executives firing employees but continuing to run the company and release new features (hi co-tweeting!) — get real. The company you’re purchasing is Twitter at $44 billion. It’s yours today. It’s your turn to clean the house when you’re ready to rectify or reverse the bad decisions that initially put the platform into your sights. There is no one to stop you! The SEC could not even convince your tweets to cease!

There is a myriad of theories as to why Musk has put himself on Twitter and the rest of the internet at large through this deceit. However, in the end, Musk made a payment, and his story didn’t get paid.

There are two possibilities. Or, Musk isn’t convinced he can accomplish the task he said he would do on Twitter and isn’t the revolutionary force he’s claimed to be. Or, he’s been not telling the truth about the extravagant ideals and ideas that shaped his businesses and reputation.

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