Five OLED models in 2022. However, only one model comes with full-bodied beam-forming speakers
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Panasonic OLED TV

The full specifications of Panasonic’s TV lineups for 2022 are out. After shining the spotlight on the striking¬†LGZ200¬†flagship OLED TV during CES at the end of January, many people have been waiting for information on the other models since.

Panasonic has taken the covers off of four more OLED models and two LCD sets. It appears that the impressive sound quality we had hoped would trickle down to, at the very least, one of the lower models hasn’t happened.

Panasonic LZ15000: identical picture with a pared-back sound

OLED (Image credit: Panasonic )


The new LZ1500 joins with the highest-end LZ2000 regarding the quality of the picture with the identical Master OLED Pro panel and image processing technology; however, it comes with a pared-back audio system compared to the 2000’s Technics-tuned front, upwards, and side-firing speaker configuration.

For a deeper understanding of what this is about and what it means, the LZ2000 is exciting because it will introduce direction-specific sound and Panasonic’s new 360-degree Soundscape audio bundle. Its numerous built-in upward-firing front-firing and side-firing units offer a spatial soundstage featuring Dolby Atmos; however, thanks to the latest and advanced Front Array Speaker System, they’ll also¬†guide¬†the sound to the person watching it. The Pinpoint mode can target audio towards a specific area on the screen, and an Area mode lets sound be heard in a larger size. The 3rd and Final Spot mode sit in the middle; it focuses most of the sound on an exact seat. Interesting stuff.


LG OLED Evo C2 Series 77‚ÄĚ Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV (3840 x 2160), 120Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered 4K, Dolby Cinema, WiSA Ready, Cloud Gaming (OLED77C2PUA, 2022)

The two most influential models of the LZ1500 series of OLEDs (65″ and 55″ models only) feature the sound system Panasonic calls “Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro’, which supports Dolby Atmos and features an in-built woofer that adds bass clarity – however, it’s a far cry from the immersive sound that surrounds your living space.

While the LZ2000 is available in sizes 55-inch, 65-inch in length, and (new to Panasonic OLEDs) the big-screen 77-inch model, as you’d think, the LZ1500 is available in smaller sizes, namely 65, 55, 48 inches, and (another first in Panasonic’s OLED range) 42 inches. However, the LZ1500 does not have a Master OLED Pro display across the boards: Panasonic says that the 42- and 48-inch LZ1500 models do not have their Master OLED Pro panels in preference to a standard OLED display.

Panasonic LZ1000, LZ980 and LZ800 OLEDs

Panasonic OLED TV (Image credit: Panasonic)

Beneath the Panasonic LZ2000 and the LZ1500, three more OLED TV models comprise the 2022 quintet. The LZ1000 is equipped with the master OLED (rather than the more popular Master OLED Pro) display and is available in 55- and 65-inch sizes. The sound quality is another step back in Panasonic’s level as Cinema Surround Pro (i.e., but without Dynamic).

Below are two basic OLEDs, the LZ980 and the LZ800, that do not have that Master OLED Pro or the Master OLED screens. The two OLED models are available in 42, 47, 54, and 65 inches; they differ. The most considerable distinction is the onboard speaker arrangement and the LZ980 sporting the similar Cinema Surround Pro as the LZ1000, while the LZ800 has the simpler Cinema Surround.

All models support Dolby Vision and HDR10+ in addition to (an unknown amount of) HDMI 2.1 sockets for 4K 120Hz with full resolution. They also support VRR (including AMD FreeSync Premium) and a brand-new Game Control Board similar to LG’s Game Optimiser, consolidating all your gaming options and data into one central location.

Good night to all of Europe!

Furthermore, Panasonic has unveiled two LCD TVs positioned below its OLEDs. However, the entry-level model appears to be an exclusive model for the UK, and the more expensive TV is exclusively available in Europe.

In the same way that Panasonic’s OLEDs are specifically designed for movie lovers, The company has declared the LX940 to be “an immersive viewing experience for sports and gaming fans” and, to achieve that, it comes with 120Hz LCD panels that have an LED light source. Panasonic states that it is offered in 49 inches, 43 inches, 65, and 75 inches in size, along with the HDR Cinema Display Pro picture.

It’s also a bit surprising to learn that there’s a UK exclusive model. Contrary to models further up on the Panasonic 2022 television food chain that utilizes the company’s proprietary MyHome Screen 7.0 operating system, The LX800 has been designed to be an Android TV. It’s made available in the 43, 50, 65, 75, and sizes. It is the smallest of these models sporting HDR Bright PanelPlus displays and the more significant choices described in the category of HDR Cinema Display. Take note that there is no “Pro” suffix.

Panasonic has yet to announce prices and availability details; however, we’ve heard that they will.