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Eight brand-new TV shows are available for streaming on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and more this weekend (June 10 )

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As if by magic, a fresh collection of huge new movies and TV shows have appeared on streaming services to complete the already packed calendar of 2022’s coming films and shows.

The time of this weekend is a special one, as it’s because the primary show, which is Peaky Blinders Season 6, was already on air in some regions of the world. Season 6 of the show produced by BBC started broadcasting in the UK in February. However, it’s now available on Netflix for viewers across the globe to enjoy. Also, a brand-new adventure for the superheroes Ms. Marvel is available on Disney Plus, and the critically-acclaimed sci-fi drama, For All Mankind, returns to Apple TV Plus.

Below are 8 of the top viewed new movies and shows that can be streamed via Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and many more this Saturday.

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders

After a series of delays due to pandemics, Peaky Blinders season 6 was launched through BBC iPlayer in the UK earlier in the year. But, US viewers must be patiently waiting for Steven Knight’s beloved period drama to return, and it’s set to air the final episode on Netflix the following weekend.

To avoid spoilers, let us be clear: the gangster-themed show has brand new episodes that feature famous people (including the Tom Hardy character Alfie Solomons) to take care of the problems left by Tommy Shelby’s actions during the show’s dramatic finale. The shadow of the impending Second World War now hangs over the whole thing, and that’s why we’re anticipating Peaky Blinders Season 6 to raise shots (and body) numbers even further.

As we said, the shows were confirmed as the Blinder’s final show on TV. However, don’t fret since the creator Knight has pledged to continue the story with a new film.

It can now be streamed on Netflix all across the US.

  1. Marvel (Disney Plus)

Marvel (Disney Plus)

The latest show to hit the shelves following the well-known MCU program Moon Knight on this particular weekend is Ms. Marvel, the most recent installment in Marvel’s thrilling (but constantly evolving) Marvel Phase 4 puzzle.

The six-episode series narrates the tale of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), A Pakistani-American teen and Avengers superfan who comes into possession of an odd family heirloom that grants the girl supernatural abilities. Naturally, some aren’t thrilled by the power of Khan to alter the world around her, and the teenager is chased by two mysterious organizations that threaten her daily existence.

In our report during our evaluation, we wrote that Ms. Marvel “is a fun, colorful, fantastical and optimistic series that the MCU needs after the weightier feel of other recent productions” We’d suggest it for anyone seeking some respite from the most crucial Phase 4 stories. Episode 1 is streaming now on Disney Plus (you can read the explanation of the scene in our post-credits post after watching the episode.) The other five episodes will be streaming every Wednesday.

This is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

To All Mankind season 3 (Apple TV Plus)

To All Mankind season 3

2022 is rapidly being referred to as the year of reigning kings of the land of Apple TV Plus subscribers, and one that is hoping to build on the success of critically-acclaimed shows such as Severance and Pachinko is the space-themed show For All Mankind, which returns for its eagerly anticipating the third installment of its.

The new episodes follow directly from the incidents from the second season of the Cold War-themed show. Season, the new episodes show the conflicting astronauts from the show preparing to go to Mars to Mars for the first time. This time, they’re faced with the addition of a brand new player, the tech startup called Helios, as a new task.

Rolling Stone (opens in new tab) has been rated For All Mankind season 2 as the best TV show to watch in 2021 (preferring the Apple drama over pop mega-hits of culture like Succession and Squid Game), so we’re excited to see if the third season can maintain its impressive ratings.

It’s currently possible to stream this show live on Apple TV Plus.

Hustle (Netflix)

Hustle (Netflix)

The most notable recent Netflix movie of 2022 is Hustle, starring Adam Sandler. Basketball drama appears to be defying expectations from both critics and viewers.

After spotting a unique lifetime player who has a problematic background abroad, a down-on-lucky Philadelphia 76ers agent, Stanley Sugerman (Sandler), decides to send the promising young star across his home in the United States with no team’s backing. Contrary to expectations, they must prove themselves capable of making it big and being an integral player in the NBA.

The synopsis could seem like typical sports drama, but Hustle has been getting mostly favorable reviews. In the film’s review in our evaluation, we called the movie a “rousing redemption tale that provides further evidence of Sandler’s ability as a damn fine actor.” Don’t worry about it being Jack as well. Jill.

It is now streaming on Netflix.

Queer as Folk (Peacock)

Queer as Folk (Peacock)

A reimagining for the US of the 1999 original British LGBTQ drama series of the identical name. Queer as Folk makes its dramatic return to Peacock this weekend.

With its writer, Russell T. Davies, among the show’s producers, the Stephen Dunn-directed show is a story of many twenty-somethings (fronted by Devin Way, Fin Argus, Ryan O’Connell, Johnny Sibilly, and Jesse James Keitelas) as they deal with the everyday tragic events of contemporary New Orleans.

The regulars in the new and fresh look of Queer as Folk include Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall, Better Call Saul’s Ed Begley Jr., and Euphoria breakout Lukas Gage. It’s no surprise that a lot of talent is only available for Peacock.

It is streamable through Peacock.

First Kill (Netflix)

First Kill (Netflix)

Netflix is a big fan of the cheesy, supernatural series also. First Kill could be one of the streaming service’s most corny series in a while.

This show was based on the short with the same name composed by V. E. Schwab. This eight-episode adaptation retells Shakespeare’s infamous Romeo and Juliet storyline into the tale of vampire Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) and a hunter of vampires Calliope (Imani Lewis), whose illicit love is the trigger for violent consequences.

Though it’s a typically teen-oriented story, First Kill’s similar-sex storyline is a significant step towards the depiction on screen. Viewers of similar Netflix dramas like Fate: The Winx Saga and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will likely discover a lot to like here.

It is streamable through Netflix.

Fairfax Season 2 of Fairfax (Prime Video)

Fairfax Season 2 of Fairfax (Prime Video)

Fairfax Amazon’s adult-oriented comedy show, which focuses on what they call “the “pulsing heart of hypebeast culture,” will get the new season of Prime Video this weekend.

The most recent seasons of this show investigate the never-ending struggle to earn the respect of 4 high schoolers who reside along Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles also enjoy. Fairfax season 2 features the voice acting group comprised of Skyler Gisondo, Kiersey Clemons, Peter S. Kim, and Jaboukie Young-White.

While it’s funny, sometimes funny, Fairfax resembles an intelligent comedy about internet-loving young people. We’d recommend that those who are fans of Netflix’s quirky Neo Yokio show check it out.

It is now streaming on Prime Video.

The Janes (HBO Max)

The Janes (HBO Max)

The final recommendation for this week is an ordinary documentary from HBO Max.

The Janes is a documentary directed by documentary filmmakers Emma Pildes and Tia Lessin. The Janes take a glance at the ignored Jane Collective. This underground Chicago-based organization provided greater than 11,000 legal abortions to women before the famous Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.

A feature-length film was premiered at Sundance to an avalanche of praise. It also focused on an issue that will rear the case in 2022. It’s not yet clear when The Janes will become available for streaming to UK viewers; however, we’d like to be able to watch it soon on Sky and Now TV shortly.

It can now be streamed on HBO Max.


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