The 22nd of April will be Earth Day, and organizations and organizations around the globe are calling for individuals to take the necessary actions to protect the environment.
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Earth day

In the case of African Americans and Earth Day, the mainstream media does not provide the most accurate representation of the diversity of environmental activism. But, organizations like The National Black Environmental Justice Network provide an effective advocate for the necessity of including Blacks in the discussion.

The University of Michigan study found that African Americans are more likely than white Americans to adopt lifestyle choices to protect the environment. Regions that Blacks preferred the most consumed lesser meat and drove less.

The study did find the following: Black Americans were less likely to recycle than whites.

As environmentalists and activists are urging big government agencies and businesses to take action to improve things, but there are a few things people can do on their own. A few things may appear to be common sense, but it never hurts to have an update. Here are five things you can do today to help celebrate Earth Day:

1.) Change your lights

Earth day

If you’re still not acclimatized to the trend of compact fluorescent lights, this is the perfect time to start. Research suggests that if every American household swapped one regular lamp with a fluorescent bulb, the pollution levels would decrease by taking a million cars off the road. The fluorescent bulbs consume less power, making the ConEd cost lower.

2.) Recycle unwanted wire hangers

Earth day

They are everywhere within our homes, in the closet, bin or drawer. They are made from steel and aren’t recyclable. Many dry cleaners will accept them, or you can donate them to charity when you donate clothes.

3.) Fly with an e-ticket

Earth Day: 10 things you can take action now to make a difference for the environment.

As summer vacation time is getting underway, millions of Americans will be taking flights to exotic destinations or visiting relatives and friends. Instead of lugging around paper tickets with your flight details at the airport, many airlines provide e-tickets through apps that run on smartphones. Experts believe that paper tickets won’t be an option in the future years, thereby saving airlines an annual $3 billion and reducing the cost of travel.

4.) Recycle your old phones

Earth day

Although it appears that the makers of mobile phones release new models each month, the old phones we are accumulating in our drawers of junk. The average cell phone will last 18 months before getting thrown into the garbage and the toxic chemicals they are stuffed with. Numerous non-profit groups and electronic stores buy used mobile phones and reuse them correctly.

5.) Use your own coffee cup

Earth day

On the way to work every day, we head to the bodega in the corner and take a cup of coffee. The coffee is served in a disposable cup, sometimes even a Zaff (the cup’s holder), which can lead to the garbage that could build up. It is better to ask the clerk if it is possible to use your reusable cup.